Who We Are

What we believe in: Insulated bottles that do a bit of good for our planet’s health, and hopefully a lot of good for yours. So, find your freedom, find your go, and stay replenished while you’re at it. Everyone needs water–Why not make it refreshing as hell?

It All Started in a Garage...

As is the case with any great outdoor innovation, Polar Bottle started in a garage. Tired of drinking warm water while in the Colorado foothills, Robert Heiberger and Judy Amabile reinvented hydration with the first ever insulated, BPA-free sports bottle. In 2018, Polar Bottle joined HydraPak–forming a partnership between two industry leaders and creating new ways to live out the Polar Bottle message. Trusted by athletes worldwide, HydraPak’s commitment to performance was a natural fit with Polar Bottle’s culture.

DIY Roots with World-Class Design

Our Tri-Layer™ plastic bottle creates an air barrier to insulate liquids, and wrapped in a foil layer to reflect sunlight–keeping drinks at the optimal temperature for twice as long the competition.

Big Ideas. Small Footprint.

Achieving our goals comes down to integrity. Polar Bottle embodies the DIY sensibility that propelled the company back in the 90s by supporting local commerce, being mindful of our environmental footprint, and giving back to the community.

Breaking the Cycling Cycle

Our products are made by cyclists for individuals on the move. With a full line of water bottles, we help active people like you stay refreshed and replenished. All of our products are dishwasher safe and BPA free, so you can sip worry-free.

Native Colorado Quality

We are proud to produce all Polar Bottle products in our Boulder warehouse, with parts sourced right here the U.S.A. We embody the values of Colorado: clean living, respecting nature, mindful practices, and of course, gaining some altitude on our bikes any chance we get.

Our Values: At Our Core

We are passionate. For the past 20 years, we have established a culture of getting stuff done. Hard work, dedication, and showing up–that’s what Polar Bottle is all about. We are transparent. We started local and we remain local. What you see is what you get, and as our customer you deserve to be informed about our operation. We are entrepreneurial. From humble beginnings in the garage, to the forefront of the industry, Polar Bottle has always been on the cutting edge. We are never satisfied sitting still. We are accountable. We’ve got your back–every Polar Bottle product comes with a lifetime guarantee. And, we are mindful. Polar Bottle is here to serve your needs more and impact the planet less.