Have you noticed more yoga studios popping up in your town? Does it seem like everywhere you look, someone is dressed in PrAna?

Unless you have lived under a rock the past few years, you probably know what a downward dog is. You may even know the Sanskrit term for it. (it’s Ah-doh Moo-kah shvah-NAHS-anna)

And if you are like a lot Americans, you have participated in a yoga class or maybe even incorporated it into your regular exercise routine.

Yoga is America’s Fastest Growing Sport

According to a recent study,  roughly 20.4 million people in the U.S. alone regularly attend yoga classes. In the past ten years, yoga has grown in popularity by 282 percent — making it the fastest growing sport in the America.

Along with the current practitioners, the population of budding yogis is growing as well. About 44 percent of Americans 18 and older have expressed an interest in yoga.

The majority of practitioners polled identified vinyasa flow as their favorite type of yoga. And the primary reason most yogis try that first class is to improve their flexibility.Polar Bottle Ergo Yoga Water Bottle

Polar Bottle Ergo Yoga Water Bottle

The Polar Bottle® Ergo — The Perfect Yoga Water Bottle

At Polar Bottle we want to find a way to hydrate yogis from child’s pose to headstands and everything in between.

The best vessel for doing so? The Polar Bottle® Ergo.

One of our best performing insulated bottles, the Ergo promises to keep your water cold during class longer than a standard non-insulated bottle.

The bottle’s innovative sip-through cap, in turn, delivers water in a steady flow — allowing you to focus on your alignment not how to squeeze a few drops out of your water bottle.

Available in a range of colors and patterns, it’s easy to find an Ergo to match your yoga outfit.

So go ahead, join your fellow Americans in a unifying om and make yoga part of your life.

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