Taking Control of Your Health can be a challenge, especially as we get older. Here are some tips from health reporter Jess Walter on how to continue to lead a healthy, active lifestyle — and the role hydration plays in doing so.

Eating more healthy foods may be a promise you make to yourself every year, but why not make this year the start of a real commitment to a  new healthy lifestyle? Just because you are in your senior years does not mean that you should let your health slide. In fact, since your body now feels the effects of poor health more quickly than when you were younger, this is the best time to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The best way to get nutritious meals into your diet is to cook for yourself. Buy a cook book or search online for healthy new recipes to share with your family and friends. Another great tip is to drink lots of water. Carry a bottle around to ensure you don’t get tempted to buy a soda while out walking or cycling. For more ideas on changing your diet, follow these top tips on eating better later in life.

Top Bottles For a Healthy Lifestyle