On August 3rd, 2014 Polar Bottle shipping and design associate John Whitney completed the Boulder Ironman. It was the first race of its kind hosted by our city and the most grueling race John — an avid triathlete  —had ever attempted. John trained long and hard for the big race. His work paid off when he crossed that finish line, where he was greeted by his family, friends and many fellow Polar Bottle employees.

John’s accomplishment was even more impressive because he has combated epilepsy his entire adult life. John shared his story on how sports have helped him deal with his disease in a blog we posted in November.

Today, almost six months after the race, John shares with us again. This time, on staying motivated with his sport after tackling such a feat.

How To Stay Motivated After A Big Race

“The last one ended with the words, ‘it’s only just begun’… and maybe to continue you have fall. That is what happened to me. Falling back into the lack of desire and motivation — the sleeping and laziness. Constantly wondering how to get going again.

The problem with climbing the mountain is that you feel you don’t have to work as hard next time you climb it,  or another one. You think you can just turn it on and be ready to go. Not true, you’ve tricked yourself.

When I noticed this I signed up for another race thinking that it would be the move needed to push me back into active and healthy mode but it wasn’t. Not this time. It was easy to come up with excuses. I’m tired, busy or the weather was no good. It’s the off season. I don’t need to start training yet. All these excuses were bull and I knew this but I was using them… until now.

With help from an organization called Athletes vs. Epilepsy I have found motivation again. Why? Because it’s a way to raise money and awareness about and for epilepsy.  In this world, unfortunately, money is needed to find treatments and maybe a cure. For now that’s the way it is.

However the real motivation isn’t the money, it’s the promise. The promise to others to help them as well as myself, that’s a promise you can’t back out of. So it’s time to get to work.”

How To Help Raise Money For Epilepsy Research

Insulated Water Bottle For Ironman“To complete this goal I need your help. Help me reach my fundraising goals for the Epilepsy foundation by donating to my cause. You can do so online, meeting me in person, or send me your mailing address (john@polarbottle.com) and I will give you the forms needed. Thank you.”

Donate to John’s Fundraiser HERE