beyond hydration with the Disposable Cenote Hydration System

When Polar Bottle set out to create our first hydration system we had one primary goal — never be forced to clean a dirty hydration system ever again. So, we created a much lower cost alternative to the traditional hydration system that could be washed and reused, but was also recyclable so it could be disposed of after as little as one use.

Since then, we’ve used our systems on the typical Colorado adventures — everything from white water rafting trips to weeks long backpacking trips. However, thanks to its low cost and disposability, we’ve also found some unique uses for our Cenote Systems outside of the typical outdoor excursions. Here are a few of our favorites.


Add a little extra cooling power to a standard cooler with frozen 2L or 3L Cenote Hydration Systems.

cool hydration packs

Fill a 2L or 3L Cenote reservoir ($7) with cold water, and attach a classic Sport Cap (Free!).

  1. Freeze overnight
  2. Line cooler with frozen systems
  3. Fill with food and drinks then top off with bagged ice


Easily store extra water at camp, or better yet, create instant bagged wine or pre-made margaritas.

Best Hydration Pack

  1. Fill 2L or 3L system with your preferred beverage
  2. Cap with Sport of Half Twist Cap
  3. Attach to tree or rope for easy access


Attach a Half-Twist cap to a 3L Cenote Reservoir for a super easy camp shower.

Sports Hydration System

  1. Fill system with water
  2. Allow system 6-8 hours of direct sunlight to heat water to a comfortable temperature.
  3. Attach system to a nearby tree
  4. Twist cap open to start the flow of water


Our engineer's office can get hot in the summer, so he pieced together a makeshift air conditioner using just a bottle cap and Cenote reservoir.

  1. Fill a 2L or 3L Cenote reservoir with cold water, and attach a classic Sport Cap.
  2. Freeze overnight
  3. Place frozen system behind a standard floor fan
  4. The fan will pull the cold air from the system and spread it throughout the room

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