Now that we have been in the depths of winter for a few months, Colorado residents take to the streets to face the cold head on, literally.  Yes, the time has come once again to celebrate the two-wheel commuter. Boulder’s Winter Bike to Work and School Day is Tomorrow, January 22, everyone! In order to prepare you for this ride, we surveyed our company’s avid winter riders and daily bike commuters for some quick tips on how to never let winter slow you down on your ride into work.

Polar Bottle® sales associate Mike rides a bike to work almost every day of the week. While today wasn’t especially cold, he does often commute in freezing temperatures (or well below). * Mike says that there are a couple of things that are clutch when biking in the winter. He is a huge fan of Skratch Labs’ Apples & Cinnamon (HOT) Exercise Hydration Mix.

“It really does make a difference to have something hot and energizing for cold mornings,” Mike said. “Plus, you can put it in your Polar Bottle® water bottle that keeps the drink warm for hours.”

He also recommends using rechargeable lights for both the front and back of your bike. Having rechargeable bike lights eliminates waste and is better for the environment, which is probably at least a part of the reason you ride a bike. You eliminate the dependency on batteries and can recharge the light after every use, which means that you will never be caught with a dim or dead light on the road. If you want to learn more about rechargeable lights, what type you will suite your needs, how to mount them, and pros and cons for different styles this guide is a great place to start.

Bryce, also a member of the sales team, tries to bike to work at least three or four times per week. He says that you have to layer up for the winter win. When biking in cold temperatures one of the best ways to stay warm and safe is to wear non-cotton layers that help to wick away sweat and keep you warm and dry. Your feet are a major player when riding a bike; people often think that they should wear thick socks to keep their toes warm while cruising through the freezing air, but they are wrong.

“I have read that thick socks are actually not a great clothing choice,” Bryce said. “When they bunch up in your shoes they actually make your feet colder. I think that layering applies from head to toe, wearing shoe covers over your shoes is definitely a better option.”

If you are wondering where to start your search, Competitive Cyclist has a pretty wide selection at reasonable prices.

Frank, who has worked in the sales department for more than a decade, bikes to work four times a week and says he owes a lot of his commitment to his lobsters. Lobster gloves that is. Much like Bryce’s layering concept, Frank’s lobster gloves are a convertible style that feature fleece gloves on the inside with flip up mittens that will hold your hand in a Vulcan salute. Having your fingers pressed together allows your own body heat to warm your hands and keep your flanges flexible and cozy. Frank loves Garneau super prestige gloves and thinks it’s hilarious to walk around the office quoting Zoidberg while wearing them.

 The Claaaaaaw!!!

Have fun out there tomorrow everyone, and don’t forget to stop for coffee and breakfast at Participating Locations around our Boulder community. Also, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for our Polar Bottle ‘Twins’ who will be riding around town giving out a few free bottles to some very lucky bikers.

Ride on!!

*Seriously, there are times when we fear for his life when he gets into work shivering.