Bottle Dimensions

42oz Product Dimensions
Volume: 42 ounces
Weight: 254.9 grams
Height: 12 inches
Diameter: 3.85 inches


  1. 42oz fluid capacity

  2. Double wall insulated to keep water cold twice as long

  3. Dishwasher and freezer safe
  4. Made in USA

  5. Removable drinking valve for easy cleaning

  6. Phthalate and BPA free.

  7. Removable CarryLoop™

  8. The Big 42 fits on large bike cages, like the TwoFish Quick Cage

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11 reviews for Big 42

  1. Diane (verified owner)

    This is my 5th polar bottle and as usual, the quality is great.

  2. Phill (verified owner)

    Works well and fits in my semi truck cup holder! I rarely get to grab water, this bottle helps me stay hydrated and cool with its size and tech.

  3. alex

    I always saw this polar bottles but never want to spend all this money on a water bottle because I always get the cheap ones from gatorade or Powerade with the sport cap but I drink to much water while swimming and because the water gets to hot I decided to try one of this polar and went to the 42 oz I like it because it keeps the water at a good temperature but this one is hard to squeeze and they do not have a sport cap or zipstream for the 42 oz hopefully they upgrade the 42 oz to a little softer plastic that is easy to squeeze and release a zipstream cap

  4. A (verified owner)

    We love our Polar Bottles and yes, this one is bigger than we expected (despite looking at the specs.), but is perfect for sports. We put them in the freezer and the water stays cold through double headers, swim practice, and soccer games. A little hard for my 6 and 9 year old to hold, but they don’t complain.

  5. Pete (verified owner)

    This water bottle is quite large. You could put out any small fire with the contents.
    My daughter loves having the biggest water bottle at swim practice. All the other kids have water bottle envy. The top work great. It keeps the water in until you squeeze.
    At the sale price, how could you not buy it. It awesome.

  6. Peter (verified owner)

    My Big 42 arrived on a Fri. morning on a day in which the temperature in Spokane, WA is expected to reach 104 F. It was washed, partially filled and placed in freezer. When I left the house a short time later,it was not sufficiently frozen but the water was cool enough for most of my activities away from home. There will be other hot days (if not this summer then next) to see how Big 42 does in hot temperatures. I know that it will do great.

  7. TexMinn (verified owner)

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    Our family has a ton of polar bottles, so I ordered one of these big ones to give it a try. Everyone loves it and my kids fight over it! I was waiting to order more until you had new designs…so glad there are more style options now! We can all have our own.

  8. Bryan (verified owner)

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    My son is pretty big for his age, and he loves this bottle. It kept him going through an entire track meet (only had to refill it once) and he doesn’t mind carrying it around the track.
    I’ve had several Polar water bottles, and this is another great product. For those wanting more on dimensions, know that it’s big, it will not fit in a bike water bottle holder, but if you need more water / liquid than a typical bottle holds, this is a great option.

  9. levantefamily (verified owner)

    This bottle is amazing!! We had the smaller version but wanted something bigger for our son who plays Box and Field Lacrosse. Yes, it was quite comical when we first pulled it out of the box…it’s HUGE! These bottles keep your drinks ice cold for hours. Definitely a must have for anyone playing a sport!!

  10. William Sparks (verified owner)

    I use a pair of BIG 42 bottles when fishing in my kayak or tube. Allows me to carry two cold bottles, two hot or one of each. The bottles get banged and abused without losing their watertight seal. Really glad that you’ve produced this larger Polar Bottle.

    • AddieBash

      Hi William,

      Thank you for your review. FYI Internally, we also refer to this bottle as the “Big Gulp.”

      It was years in the making for us to create a bigger bottle. We find that people initially laugh when they first see it, but end up falling in love with it after using it a few times.

      Glad that you’ve found such a good use for it. We hope it accompanies you on many more trips. Please feel free to send us photos!

      Please keep in touch!

  11. Stacy

    We bought our first 42 for our daughter at her state swim meet and loved it. She swims and needs lots of water to keep hydrated. This bottle gives her enough water for a whole 2 1/2 to 3 hour practice. We bought her the other one before she went away to swim camp and she always had water ready to go and didn’t run out. Anyone participating in any sport should buy the big 42 you won’t be disappointed.

    • AddieBash

      Hi Stacy,

      This makes us so happy! We use this bottle for precisely the same reason – fill it up once and you are set for an entire long workout. We hope you daughter enjoys camp. Feel free to send us photos (info at polarbottle dot com)! We love to see our bottles being put to good use.

      Thanks for the feedback and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Polar Bottle Big 42 is manufactured in our Boulder, CO headquarters with parts sourced from Denver, CO and Garden City, MO.

Polar Bottle products are made from PP, LDPE, HDPE, and Tritan™ plastics, which are free of harmful chemicals like BPA and Phthalates. To the furthest extent of current scientific knowledge, none of these plastics contain harmful chemicals that may leach into the liquid contained in the bottle. The well-being of our customers is of the highest priority to our company and plastic safety is an issue we take very seriously.

Polar Bottle water bottles have always been BPA and Phthalate Free. More about our Safe Plastic >> (LINK)

Our thermal testing has found that Big 42 will keep your drink cold more than twice as long as a standard single-wall, uninsulated bottle.

In order to maximize the effectiveness of the bottle, we recommend pre-freezing the water in the Big 42 before use. Fill your bottle halfway full with water and freeze overnight. The giant ice cube that results will keep your drink chilly for hours (do not fill the bottle more than half way before freezing, as the water must have room to expand as it freezes).

We have designed our products to be reusable and incredibly durable. Many of our customers are still happily using bottles they purchased in the mid-‘90s, when the Polar Bottle Sport was originally released. This is not an uncommon feat. However, when you decide it’s time to retire your Polar Bottle water bottle, they are completely recyclable. To recycle the bottle, simply separate the outer plastic bottle, foil liner and inner plastic bottle and recycle them separately. Or, if you prefer, send in your old bottle back to our warehouse and we would be happy to recycle it for you!

The bottle is also made in America from locally sourced parts. This allows us to minimize shipping costs and the environmental impact that goes along with them. The fact that our entire operation – from sales to production to shipping – takes place under one roof further reduces overhead, energy use, and environmental strain.

The Big 42 fits on large bike cages, like the TwoFish Quick Cage. We suggest measuring your frame to be sure it can accommodate this larger capacity bottle. Big 42 will not fit into most cup holders.

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