Old Style Cap
– Fits ONLY the original, old style Polar Bottle Sport

New Style Sport Cap
– Fits all current 12oz, 20oz and 24oz Sport Bottles

Big 42 Cap
– Fits Big 42 Sport Bottles Only


  1. Sport cap fits all 12oz, 20oz and 24oz Sport Bottles
  2. Old style sport cap fits only the original Polar Bottle Sport
  3. Removable drinking valve for easy cleaning 
  4. Phthalate and BPA free.
  5.  Made in USA 

Big 42 Cap fits Big 42 Sport bottle only

Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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91 reviews for Sport Cap

  1. Jay (verified owner)

    Love my Polar bottle, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they would replace the lid (& for free!). Have used mine in a wide variety of activities and happily recommend this to all.

  2. G Yallaly (verified owner)

    Cap fits our old bottles perfectly. It is a great service that Polar provides replacement caps at no charge. Go Polar!

  3. Keith D Nielsen (verified owner)

    As others have said, very pleased that I could get new caps for FREE with modest shipping. Great deal! My grandson will be buying these oustanding polar bottles now that he has his first “bike with gears’. He is very excited about his new bike and these great bottles.

  4. brenda (verified owner)

    thanks so much for providing new sport caps. It shown that you are an environmentally aware business. It fits perfectly on my old bottle and I’ll be able to use the bottle for many more years

  5. British Guy (verified owner)

    Needed drop-in replacements and these are drop-in replacements. In fact, I think they are a little better than the originals – they seem more sturdy.

  6. Jen Axtman (verified owner)

    This company is amazing! The free replacement lids for my kids water bottles is exactly what I wanted instead of buying whole new bottles. Thank you Polar bottle! I will continue buying your wonderful products into the future!

  7. Adam (verified owner)

    I love being able to give new life to a great bottle. Super happy with this program and I look forward to more years of use from my Polar bottle.

  8. Jenny (verified owner)

    After my children ages 7 and 9 chewed their spouts into cracked, leaky messes over the past 5 years, I looked up Polar Bottle to see about replacement caps. I’m so happy that the bottles remain usable with these new replacement caps! It was a breeze to order 2 caps, create an account with Polar, and the caps arrived in less than 4 days. I don’t mind paying the shipping for 2 free caps, which equalled the cost of 1 new cap on big-business online retailer sites like Amazon. I’d rather pay Polar directly. My kids were also happy, insisting I label “their” caps with permanent marker so that future cap chewers would suffer their own leaks 😉

  9. Dave Jones (verified owner)

    I have 4 bottles I rotate through while riding. New replacement cap works great and no more leaks. Great product, great company and customer service.

  10. Andy (verified owner)

    You replaced my old worn caps. I am happy to have no more leaking. Plus, the new cap has better grip-ability.

  11. David Wiebking (verified owner)

    with over 10 bottles in the family rotation, this program is what will keep me a Polar bottle user forever. We do replace them from time to time for a new look or just to get a fresh bottle after heavy usage. One suggestion would be to enable ordering of more than 2 caps and/or just the removable valves which is the part that fails. I currently have 4 bottles with ripped valves, but can only order 2 caps. Maybe I just need to place 2 orders which won’t be the end of the world. BTW, they do still cost $2.50 each with shipping, but that’s still a pretty good deal and better than replacing the full bottle. Thanks Polar!

  12. Rick (verified owner)

    Big improvement over the original. No pouring water all over myself while riding.

  13. Douglas Armstrong (verified owner)

    My Polar water bottles get plenty of use mostly on my bikes. When the cap valve broke on one of them I went to purchase a new one and was pleasantly reminded that they replace them for free. I checked the other bottle and saw that it was showing signs of wear as well so I ordered two of them. and I am glad that I did. Thank you Polar for being a great company that not only makes great products but also cares about your customers.

  14. monica sanchez (verified owner)

    I love you replace the caps for free!!! We need to reuse,our world need it . thank you!

  15. Paul (verified owner)

    Really appreciate that you replace the caps.

  16. Janet (verified owner)

    If I’d known replacement caps were available I could have saved quite a bit of money over the last twenty years. The bottles last forever.

  17. Kip (verified owner)

    Pretty sweet that you replace them at no cost!!!

  18. Thersa (verified owner)

    Love our Polar bottles and the fact that the caps can be replaced for free. Have been using them for years!

  19. Tony (verified owner)

    cap works great, Polar bottles are the way to go.

  20. Asha (verified owner)

    Caps are great because you can actually fully clean them since the cap parts disassemble, and you can run them through the dishwasher. Over time, my last one cracked along the edge where the mouthpiece intersects the flat cap surface but the replacement cap program is great. Because I know I can get replacement caps, we almost exclusively use Polar bottles and have at least 6-7 currently in use.

  21. Mo (verified owner)

    I love my Polar bottle and the easy one handed use. I was so happy to discover I could get a replacement cap for one that was lost while walking on the course. Thank you!

  22. Jenmy (verified owner)

    I’ve had my polar bear water bottles for at least 7 plus years. They have been through bike rides, hikes, and teenagers! So of course the lids to the bottles of been lost or misplaced. I could not bring myself to throw the bottles away. I had one lid for four bottles. One day I finally decided to see if I could find replacement lids! Ha! I was so excited to find out that polar water bottles had replacement lids and THEY WERE FREE! So now after all these years we have more than one lid! Thank you!!!

  23. Andy

    Fits perfectly on my old Polar bottle. Really appreciate this waste reducing option.

  24. PatsyDS (verified owner)

    Love, love my polar bottle and so happy to find out that you can order replacement sports caps! Now I can continue enjoying my favorite bottle!

  25. Mary Baldridge (verified owner)

    I absolutely love the fact that all I have to do is buy a new lid when mine wears out.

  26. Joe (verified owner)

    Got a ton of use from the old cap but one day it just gave out. Got the new (free) one very quickly and hope to get many more years out of the Polar Bottles. Great stuff!

  27. Brian (verified owner)

    Got my replacement caps and my bottles are like new. Thanks for having this program!

  28. Julia Adkins (verified owner)

    Thank you so much for the replacement cap. The old cap was workable but difficult to use after a dog chewed it. And thank you for your ethical environmental approach to keeping your excellent water bottles useable for the long term.

  29. Tom

    Have used Polar bottles for many years and have needed to order only a couple of tops. The tops came quickly and were free what a deal. Very happy.

  30. Penny

    I’ve used my bottles for about a decade and have had need for 3 replacement caps in that time. Fast, free, WOW!
    I LOVE my Polar Bottles… I have yellow in the kitchen, purple in the bedroom, green in the family room, and 8 (in an assortment of sizes and designs) for work, travel, yard.
    THANKS! Polar Bottle!

  31. Jonathan Stein (verified owner)

    top notch. Great guarantee.

  32. BILL Leslie (verified owner)

    Great service. I received the replacement cap promptly. Awesome to be able to continue to use my bottle.

  33. Roger J Williams Jr (verified owner)

    Both my bottle’s caps were leaking. Went online to buy new bottles, but then saw the free cap replacement. Both my bottles are just like new again!

  34. Jim (verified owner)

    It was free and I did not have to buy a new bottle.

  35. Chris Holleman (verified owner)

    Received 2 replacement caps fast and free (with a nominal shipping fee) within just a few days of requesting. All is good again. I use Polar Bottles exclusively on my bike rides and now my 5 year old takes a bottle to school everyday in his backpack. Love our Polar Bottles!

  36. Nancy Servais-Ford (verified owner)

    Love that I can get replacement caps! Couldn’t find a color I wanted so can extend the life of the ones I had. Thanks!

  37. Pete (verified owner)

    Love the option of the free replacement caps since the bottles themselves will probably outlast me; especially with five in the rotation.

  38. Christina (verified owner)

    Absolutely appreciate being able to keep using a perfectly good bottle after the cap has worn out with use. The free cap replacement policy is a great benefit.

  39. Tom (verified owner)

    I own 10 Polar Bottles including two of the originals. I have ridden thousands of miles depending on them for hydration. I just replaced two caps but the bottles are intact. Can’t ask for a better product !

  40. Norman (verified owner)

    I used my old bottles so often that the nozzle got loose and would pop open under pressure. I bought 2 new bottles from a retailer and then found out that I could have replaced the caps for FREE! LOL

  41. Jeanne (verified owner)

    Great bottles! I have 4 and I use at least 2 every day. The black valves seem to loosen over the years so the free replacements are a great service.
    Thank you.

  42. Eric (verified owner)

    Love the free cap policy. The polar bottle is my five-year old’s favorite water bottle but he completely destroyed the cap on it.

  43. Diane Lancaster (verified owner)

    It’s really nice that you offer replacement caps, because I LOVE my Polar Bottle! I’ve got two of them, and I always have one in hand when I go to the gym. Thanks for the great customer service!

  44. Art (verified owner)

    Old cap style still work great

  45. Wolfson Arthur (verified owner)

    Great caps when you ship the correct ones ordered!

  46. josephdawisha

    This is so cool that you guys do this. Solid company for sure!!

  47. Mike (verified owner)

    Just like being a kid at school…My dog ate my Polar Bottle cap and I was able to get it replaced for free from company that still makes things in the USA. VERY COOL I am now a Polar Bottle customer for life!

  48. Michelle (verified owner)

    Love it! I got a replacement cap because the original one accidentally fell on the heating element of the dishwasher and melted. We use polar bottles daily for school lunches and sporting events. We love them because they are so durable. We got our first one almost 4 years ago and it is still going strong.

  49. B.G. (verified owner)

    Thanks so much for the bottle caps! I have had your polar bottles since the beginning.
    I own 4 old large bottles, one old half, and 2 new regular. I keep purchasing more so that everyone in the family that rides a bike has bottles. This is a great customer service and environmental friendly business model that other companies need to follow.

  50. Peter Sobol

    Thanks for replacing my lost caps – I’ve been using my three Polar insulated bottles for years and they never let me down – would have felt terrible to pitch them just because of my carelessness.

  51. Bill (verified owner)

    I hate to be critical of something provided for free.

    First, the free replacement caps are a perfect fit, and seal without leaks every time. And the free replacement program cannot be beat and is MUCH appreciated.

    My only issue is the rubber stoppers fit too tight. When riding my bike, I pull the stopper open with my teeth. It takes considerable force to pull it open. I think this is the major cause the stoppers break in the first place. I am certain if the stoppers were just a fraction of a millimeter smaller in diameter (or the cap hole a fraction of a millimeter larger), the stoppers would still seal properly, but be easier to slide open and close.

    This would make it easier on your customers, but I feel would mean fewer free replacements you would need to provide. A Win Win. I would much rather see a resizing than you do away with the free replacement program.

    • Customer Service

      Thank you for taking the time to write this review!
      We like to know what is an isn’t working with our caps so we can improve them.
      If you have any questions or more feedback please shoot us email (
      Thanks again for the review!

  52. Terri Dutiel (verified owner)

    We have 6 polar bottles, 2 of them needed new lids after heavy use by my kids during sports and daily use at school. The rest of the bottle was still in perfect shape so I was thrilled to find I could get new lids for the nominal cost of shipping. Thank you!! Great customer service perk!!

  53. Ron (verified owner)

    Have had several Polar Bottles for years. They are great. Just replaced two caps (free). Wonderful!

  54. Robert Morrison (verified owner)

    These are the best. Use nearly everyday for travel, hiking, biking and anytime I’m driving. Great support also.

  55. Laura (verified owner)

    Our top to the polar bottle cracked, unusable and it was so very easy to get a new one from the company!
    Thank you

  56. Tucker (verified owner)

    We’re an active family of 4 and go through countless water bottles a week. With repeated use, the caps start to wear or if you have a dog that enjoys chewing on them, like ours you need to get them replaced more often than you’d like. I love that Polar offers a free replacement AND the caps are so easy to clean compared to the other companies out there.

  57. Todd (verified owner)

    Appreciate the lifetime guarantee!

    Did you know Polar Bottles are great for portable margaritas whilst camping and hitting the beach or after making camp with a lime Gatorade and ice after a long bicycle ride?

    At least that’s what my friends told me! 😉

  58. Penny

    WOW! I have a dozen of these bottles. One in each room and an exchange of them for travel daily or long term. After MANY years of use, my husband broke one of the caps. A search to try to buy a new cap was rewarded with learning that Polar not only make THE BEST bottles, but that their OUTSTANDING SERVICE does not end at the initial purchase!! They’ll send you a replacement cap for Free. AMAZING.

  59. Scott (verified owner)

    Almost purchased a replacement cap from another store before I found your free replacement. Thank you. Extending the life of the water bottles.

  60. Connie Crum (verified owner)

    The fit is perfect, of course, but more importantly is the great service that you provide replacement caps. Thank you!!

  61. Sharon Ensley (verified owner)

    THANK YOU for offering life time replacement on caps. That is huge in my house. Great caps, someone here just likes to use their teeth on them too much. 😉 Polar caps are much easier to clean than some others, as well.

  62. Sarge (verified owner)

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    Great company to warrant all caps @ N.C. I have both the old style and new style bottles, and with many riding miles, cleaning, and drinking, the caps wear out. Kudos to Polar for maximizing the overall life of the product. Definitely a fan for life. This bottle is the only bottle I have found the keeps the water “cold” on those hot days(pre-pack with ice.)

  63. DONNA REED (verified owner)

    My Polar bottle saw me through many RAGBRAIs, but the cap finally gave up. Was so surprised to find that I could get a free replacement. So happy, I ordered a new bottle for a friend. Perfect fit – love the loop, too.

    Thank you.

  64. Dan Trigoboff (verified owner)

    I have several bottles, use all of them. I appreciate the replacement program.

  65. Marcelo (verified owner)

    It is the best bottle I’d ever had. It maintains liquids cool, it is soft to squeeze and it does not transmit plastic odor to liquids. I love it!

  66. Jayne M. (verified owner)

    Being able to replace my cap, which had begun refusing to stay open when drinking, rejuvenated my Polar bottle. Thanks for having the option for a new one. Couldn’t be happier.

  67. Guy Chabot (verified owner)

    Love the bottle. Have had it for years. I just continue to get new tops when the old ones wear out. My latest order came ahead of the expected delivery date. Always great service.

  68. Nancy S (verified owner)

    Polar bottles are awesome – they do what they say – which is keep your water COLD.

    And I will or use any other company for sports bottles – this company is making a difference in the world by reducing waste by providing replacement caps – this is how we should be expecting companies to behave in our country – responsibly.

    Week done Polar!

  69. Bill

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    It’s hard to be critical of something received for free. But I do have a problem with my two free replacement sport caps. The black rubber stopper valves fit too snugly. I use my bottles while riding my bicycle. That means, it is a one-handed operation. So I grab the stopper valve with my teeth and pull. I have to pull pretty hard to open the valve. Then I press the valve against my front teeth to close it, and having to press pretty hard.

    My friend has two fake teeth fears it requires too much force on her teeth, causing them to come loose. So she has to stop riding just to get a drink. 🙁

    My fear is this will cause the rubber stopper valve to break before one riding season has passed.

    Otherwise, 10 Stars for the free replacement program that helps keep plastics out of our landfills.

  70. Chuck Voigt (verified owner)

    I cycle a few thousand miles a year and always carry at least one Polar Bottle. I have had mine for a number of years and use the bottles a lot. The valve on the cap works well and lasts a long time but like any moving part, gets worn over time. The Polar Bottle guarantee to replace worn caps helps bottle owners and the environment. I will always use Polar Bottles for my sports activities!

  71. Theresa (verified owner)

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    We have two sets off Polar bottles that we have been using for years. Love that
    the bottles are light , well insulated to keep water cold for outdoor activities. We Never have to buy those throw away water bottles!
    The lids do tend to show a bit of wear over time, so am very thankful that the company
    stands behind their product and provides free replacement lids!

  72. Frans Couperus (verified owner)

    Everyone in the family has at least one polar bottle, so the black tips hardly ever break but after several years it does make this free replacement a definite plus. It’s a real plus to be able to twist the black tip 90 degrees to remove for cleaning periodically.

  73. Gretchen Kellogg (verified owner)

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    Thanks for standing behind your product!

  74. Gretchen Kellogg (verified owner)

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    Thanks for standing behind your product!

  75. Alex Yap (verified owner)

    Had a broken valve previously and that almost rendered the whole polar bottle to waste. Luckily I found out that there are free replacements given by Polar Bottle. Now I had a Polar Bottle that works like brand new again. Great!

  76. Jenni Satterfield (verified owner)

    My daughter broke the cap off her lid. I was ready to toss it but decided to check the website first. I’m so glad I did! Free cap plus shipping! It fits perfect & arrived timely. I wish all companies did this!

  77. Kimath Chheng (verified owner)

    I’m extremely please with Polar replacements cap program. Not only it save me money it also It more environmentally friendly. Keeping one usable water bottle out of the trash bin.

  78. Donal Sheerin (verified owner)

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    Its hard to believe that customer service as good as this still exists. We have three Polar water bottles . We lost one cap and damaged another. These bottles have had a hard life and have really stood the test of time and are by far our favorites.
    We got sent two replacements for the cost of postage which arrived very promptly from 5000 miles away. It doesn’t get much better than that.
    Very pleasant experience to buy from someone who want to deliver you maximum value and satisfaction and I will be a life long customer of their products with service like this.

  79. Adrian (verified owner)

    [* Shield plugin marked this comment as “0”. Reason: Human SPAM filter found “offering free” in “comment_content” *]
    Ordered two caps after the caps on our two bottles broke. I was pleasantly surprised to see Polar offering free cap replacements online.
    Ordered the two caps and they arrived on time and fit as the originals.

  80. Ron Ralph (verified owner)

    Well, after using my Polar water bottle for well over 12 years, my cap wouldn’t stay open or closed when I needed it to. Getting a replacement top was super easy, and super fast!! I’m certainly very appreciative of Polar not charging for a replacement cap, and only charging shipping!! Highly recommended!!

  81. karen (verified owner)

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    Outstanding customer service to send us replacement caps. We have been using the bottles many times over the last 10 years. Great product and the company really stands behind it!

  82. Gary Kitcheyan (verified owner)

    Unfortunately we haven’t been able to use it because we have the smaller bottler….Ordering and delivery was really easy.

  83. Jessica Otte (verified owner)

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    Such great customer service and product. These water bottles are perfect for our kids.

  84. Peggy Laidlaw (verified owner)

    I have had two bottles for about 8 years now and the valves had started to deteriorate. I was really happy to be able to replace just the cap and not have to throw away the bottle. Even better that I only had to pay a small shipping fee (even to Hawaii). Customer service was quick to respond and help me determine that I needed a new cap vs the old style.
    Thank you!

  85. Peggy Laidlaw (verified owner)

    I’ve had my bottle for about 8 years and the valve deteriorated so I was really happy to be able to replace just the cap and not have to throw out the bottle. Even better that I only was charged shipping! Customer service was quick to respond and helpful in determining that I needed a new style cap vs the old style. Thank you!

  86. BobH (verified owner)

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    Offering free replacement caps is a great service, and much appreciated! I recently had to replace two. It was quick and easy, and I only had to pay a modest amount for shipping. It’s a pleasure doing business with a company that not only offers great products, but also makes it so easy to continue using them for a long period of time.

  87. Charlene Atkins

    I own several Polar bottles and love that they are made well, cost effective and have a lifetime warranty. I just found out about the free cap and carrying loop replacement program and feel that paying for shipping for these is more than fair. The replacement program tells me Polar Bottles is committed to the environment and that makes me a lifetime supporter of the business. Thank you Polar Bottles!

  88. chriscatx (verified owner)

    I’ve had my Polar Bottle for 17 years and when I found the valve had started to disintegrate I thought that I would have to junk it. The I decided to google ‘polar bottle’ and to my surprise found that it had a lifetime warranty. Online ordering was easy (and yes there is a shipping fee) and I received a new cap only a few days later.
    Excellent service for an excellent product.

  89. Michelle (verified owner)

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    Love this idea!! I don’t know how my daughter manages to lose the tops to her bottles! This is the 1st company to replace them free!!! I’ll be a customer for life!

  90. margie.scheller (verified owner)

    Ordering replacement caps was easy and quick. They came within a few days and fit my old bottles perfect. Now I can use them again with no leaks.

    • AddieBash (verified owner)

      Thanks for taking the time to write this review, and for replacing your caps! We offer this ser

  91. Stephanie Bell

    Plastic does fail, but Polar Bottle does not!
    We have at least 8 Sport Polar Bottles. We’ve replaced a number of caps because we use the bottles a lot!
    The free replacement cap program is fantastic!!
    Thank you!

    • AddieBash (verified owner)

      Hi Stacy,

      This makes us so happy! We use this bottle for precisely the same reason – fill it up once and you are set for an entire long workout. We hope you daughter enjoys camp. Feel free to send us photos (info at polarbottle dot com)! We love to see our bottles being put to good use.

      Thanks for the feedback and support.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Polar Bottle Sport cap is manufactured by our supplier in Denver.  We assemble the cap on to bottles, and ship it from our Boulder, CO headquarters.

Polar Bottle products are made from PP, LDPE, HDPE, and Tritan™ plastics, which are free of harmful chemicals like BPA and Phthalates. To the furthest extent of current scientific knowledge, none of these plastics contain harmful chemicals that may leach into the liquid contained in the bottle. The well-being of our customers is of the highest priority to our company and plastic safety is an issue we take very seriously.

Polar Bottle products have always been BPA and Phthalate Free.

Yes, Polar Bottle caps are dishwasher and freezer safe.

Yes, all drinking valves on Polar Bottle caps are removable for easy cleaning. To remove the valve, first pull up on the valve until the cap is fully open. Then, add a little pressure to pinch the valve so that you can turn it to the left until the dots on the valve and cap line up. Once the dots line up, simply pull up to remove the valve fully from the cap.

To reinsert the valve, line up the dots again, push the valve fully closed, then twist right to lock in place.

The old style cap fits only the original Polar Bottle, which had a screen printed logo (rather than a design printed on the foil liner), as well as a slightly different shape. We made this change in 2004. All 12oz, 20oz and 24oz made since then are fitted with the standard sport cap.

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