1. High flow cap
    2. Self-sealing valve
    3. Spill proof
    4. Removable valve for easy cleaning
    5. Made in USA
    6. Dishwasher and freezer safe
    7. Fits all 12oz, 20oz and 24oz bottles
    8. Phthalate and BPA free.


Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Travel Mug

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10 reviews for Zipstream™ Sport Cap

  1. Colorado Stan (verified owner)

    Far superior to the old caps. The old caps leaked. These caps don’t leak even when they are “open” This means you can keep them open when riding and not have to pull them open with your teeth.

  2. Rkmom (verified owner)

    Great caps – preferred over the standard cap. Easy to take apart to wash, no leaks, fun colors and happy kids! Wish these could come standard on all polar bottles!

  3. Lynn

    Caps keep getting better!

  4. jpl (verified owner)

    Replaced caps on our existing bottles and they work just as advertised. These caps can be taken apart and cleaned which makes them even better. Great company to deal with.

  5. Michelle McGuire (verified owner)

    We love our new Zipstream Sport Cap for our water bottles. The ability to just grab the bottle and squeeze while riding along on your bike is a great enhancement. The spill proof cap insures no leaking also.

  6. Jonathan Beerhalter (verified owner)

    Really specific review here, but my kids get to bring a water bottle to school and the love the Polar bottles because they keep their water cold.

    Trouble is, they tend to chew on the lids, eventually causing them to leak. So far the Zip Stream has proved pretty indestructible.

  7. Chris R (verified owner)

    The rubber is softer that prev gen. As a consequence, a squeeze plus a rotation can remove the valve and prompting an activity halt to replace. The rubber retainers have a shallow slope on one side, which enables them to move under the cap structure and the valve disconnects.

    • AddieBash

      Hi Chris,

      This should definitely not be happening! It sounds like you received a faulty cap. We will replace immediately!

      Please shoot us an email to coordinate ( We will reach out to your email as well.

      Thanks for alerting us to this!


  8. Chris R (verified owner)

    A combination of bottle squeeze, slight twist and the valve can come off for two reason. Soft rubber, as well as the retaining edges have each a gentle slope enabling the accidental separation. Obviously a design flaw as I never had a separation in tens of thousands of kms cycling, swimming laps etc..

    • AddieBash

      Hi Chris,

      We will replace this for you. Definitely should not be happening. When you get a chance please feel free to email us ( We will reach out directly as well.

      Thanks again!

  9. Ron Ralph (verified owner)

    I ordered three of these lids to replace the regular lids I’ve had on my Polar water bottles. I live in hot and humid Florida, so I carry up to three water bottles when I go out to ride. These lids are just what I was looking for!! With the regular lids, I’d have to pull open the valve with my teeth,if I forgot to open it before I begin my ride. It can be harsh on the front teeth trying to open it when I’m pedaling. I’m very delighted that Polar came out with a similar lid as Camelback has.

  10. Terry Rice (verified owner)

    These are definitely an improvement over the standard lid and comparable to Camelbacks lid as well. The only downfall is they still leak just like all the others. My preference is still the Polar over all the others though anyway.

    • AddieBash

      Hi Terry,

      Thank you for the review!

      We’re glad you’ve enjoyed the cap. However, the bottle should never leak! It’s possible you received a faulty lid or its somehow worn out faster than is typical. Please feel free to email me to organize a replacement ( Thanks!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Zipstream cap fits all 24oz, 20oz and 12oz Polar Bottle sport bottles.

The Polar Bottle Zipstream cap is manufactured by our supplier in Denver, CO. The cap is built on to bottles, and shipped from our Boulder, CO headquarters.

Polar Bottle products are made from PP, LDPE, HDPE, and Tritan™ plastics, which are free of harmful chemicals like BPA and Phthalates. To the furthest extent of current scientific knowledge, none of these plastics contain harmful chemicals that may leach into the liquid contained in the bottle. The well-being of our customers is of the highest priority to our company and plastic safety is an issue we take very seriously.

Polar Bottle products have always been BPA and Phthalate Free. More about our (LINK)

Yes, the Polar Bottle Zipstream cap is dishwasher and freezer safe.

Yes, all drinking valves on Polar Bottle caps are removable for easy cleaning. To remove the valve on the Zipstream cap, first pull up on the valve until the cap is fully open. Then, add a little pressure to pinch the valve so that you can turn it to the left until the dots on the valve and cap line up. Once the dots line up, simply pull up to remove the valve fully from the cap. Then you can wash each piece separately (both pieces are dishwasher safe).

To reinsert the valve, line up the dots again, push the valve fully closed, then twist right to lock in place.

The Zipstream cap is the product of 20 years designing products for the cycling industry. The cap is designed to deliver water faster. The cap’s self-sealing valve allows pressure to build inside the bottle when squeezed — releasing a refreshing burst of water. The valve also prevents the bottle from leaking even in the open position, allowing you to access your water quicker than ever before.

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