Boulder, CO — Product Architects, Inc. — the parent company behind Polar Bottle® insulated water bottles — is concerned about several new insulated water bottles that customers might confuse with Polar Bottle brand products.

The bottles, sold both in the United States and abroad, are often similar to Polar Bottle water bottles in their shape and general appearance but are not the same high-quality, Made in America, BPA-free, phthalate-free, insulated Polar Bottle brand bottles.

Since 1994, when Polar Bottle introduced the first insulated sport water bottle on the market, several companies have adopted the design — which features an insulating layer between two walls of plastic. To clarify for customers, any “insulated sport bottle” does not necessarily designate a Polar Bottle product. Only Polar Bottle brand water bottles are manufactured in our facility in Boulder, Colorado, subjected to our company’s meticulous quality control standards and included in part of our lifetime guarantee warranty program. If it is not a genuine Polar Bottle product we cannot guarantee what it is made of, where it is made, or that it meets our quality standards.

There are several ways to distinguish a genuine Polar Bottle water bottle from a fake. All Polar Bottle products have one or all of the following characteristics:

–       The bottle is marked with the Polar Bottle logo (a black square featuring a polar bear and POLAR BOTTLE® text)

–       The company’s web address ( and phone number (1-800-440-0358) appear on the bottom of the bottle — printed on both the inner insulating foil bag and etched into the outer plastic liner.

–       The cap includes a removable valve.

–       “US Patent Pending”, and/or the US patent numbers 77532341 B1, 5316193 and, or 5494198 are included on the cap and/or bottom of the bottle.

If customers have any doubt about whether they purchased a legitimate Polar Bottle product they are urged to contact the company directly through email ( or phone (303-440-0358).