We are lucky to be based in Boulder, Colorado.

As an outdoor hub, Boulder fosters important connections between employees and customers — often leading to extended sales calls with bike shop owners to reminisce about memorable mountain bike trips or recount statistics from a recent Colorado road race. Boulder’s progressive, open-minded community in turn offers us seemingly endless opportunities to evolve as a company and partner with likeminded businesses to support the causes we care about.

And perhaps most importantly, every day on our way to work we are surrounded by spectacular views of the acres of open space protected by the city thanks to Boulder taxpayers.

These are the same reasons Boulder is home to dozens of other innovative, creative startup companies. These companies attract talented professionals to our community and providing the economic boost that cities around the country need to recover from the recession. To ensure that the city continues to act as an incubator for entrepreneurs, Polar Bottle has joined several others in Boulder’s existing business community to support Boulder Chamber of Commerce “Innovation Blueprint 3.0” initiative. The chamber unveiled the proposal at a recent press conference hosted on the lawn of Boulder’s historic Chautauqua Park.

“We want to be a global capital for innovation,” said Chamber President John Tayer of the new five-point plan to support local business, which includes initiatives ranging from expanding training and mentoring programs for entrepreneurs to finding new ways to publicize Boulder’s business successes.

Several Boulder business leaders and community leaders, including Boulder Mayor Matthew Appelbaum and Polar Bottle President Judy Amabile, also spoke at the conference. Some advocated for the numerous research institutions and labs based in Boulder. Others, like Ryan Ferrero — founder of the eco-friendly auto repair shop Green Garabe — focused on the value of  connecting entrepreneurs with investors to get “really good ideas funded.”

Judy, who moved to Boulder in the mid 1970s to attend the University of Colorado, discussed why she started — and continues to operate — her company in this community.

“We’re here because this is an awesome place to do business,” Judy said, explaining that because of the outdoor recreation Boulder is the ideal venue to test our products and the local university offers a pool of creative, talented young people to help grow our business.

“We have every intention of continuing to grow and stay in Boulder,” she said. Referring to the mountain view backdrop behind her as she spoke Judy added, “where else would you want to have a business?”