Boulder, CO — After nearly a month of sales, Polar Bottle® has gathered $2,684.76 in revenue from online sales of its limited edition Pride bottle to donate to a Pulse Nightclub victims fund.

The bottle, a version of the company’s popular 24oz sport bottle emblazoned with a colorful rainbow graphic, was not intended as a fundraising item when the company launched it June 1st. Instead, the limited edition bottle was meant to celebrate the start of Pride Month and — for the first time publicly — show the company’s solidarity with the LGBT community.

Soon after the shooting at Pulse Nightclub in Orlando on the morning of June 12th , the company decided to donate all bottle sales to victims and their families through a fund set up by LGBT civil rights group Equality Florida. 

“The Pride bottle was a way for our company to align with the LGBT community, and allow our customers to do the same,” said Polar Bottle President Judy Amabile. “The events in Orlando reaffirmed that despite the progress we’ve made, supporting this community is as important as ever. It only seemed right that the bottle be used to give back.”