We welcome our new ambassadors!

We are so happy to start this year with new awesome and talented people on our Polar Bottle Ambassadors Team.
Wanna know about them? Meet them in this post.

Isidora Asslar

Isadora is a college student in Santiago, Chile with big plans for her cute. She plans to become a magazine expedition writer to aid the development of Chilean tourism.

Her passions include snowboarding, climbing mountains, and mountain biking.

She is from Lo Barnechea in Santiago, Chile located on the map below.

Want to learn more about Isadora? Visit her site: Isadora Assler


Joanna Line

She started running cross country in high school. In her first season, she saw how the work she put in lead to continuous improvements over time.

red water bottle

She earned seven All-American honors in cross country, indoor track, and outdoor track while running for Oberlin College.

She is from Bowling Green, Ohio.

Want to learn more about Joana?

Visit her Instagram: @runacious

Visit her Facebook: Runacious


Jessica Owles

She was born in Australia but grew up in England. In 2014 she moved to the United States.

She started skiing when she was three years old.

Jessica says staying hydrated is super important, especially at high altitude.


Sebastian Rojas

Sebastian is a well-credited mountain climber.

This year he plans to climb the highest waterfall on Earth, “Salto de Angel”, the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro, and Aconcagua, the hight mountain in America.

By 2018 he hopes to climb Mount Everest, the highest mountain on Earth.

He is from Ñuñoa in Santiago, Chile.

Wanna know more about him? Visit his site: Hacemos Cumbre


Emily Walter

Whenever Emily goes into nature, she is totally amazed at the beauty she sees.

During the week, she spends her time in a white lab coat at a biopharmaceutical company.

But on the weekends, you can find her on a mountain, by a lake, or lounging in a hammock.

Want to learn more about Emily? Visit her site: thewiildwest

Jeff Wolsleger

Jeff is a 30-year-old photographer. He has a passion for helping others, volunteering over seas, and helping to end the stigma on mental health.

His passion for photography has lead to a life in the outdoors.

Skiing water bottle

“I would rather live in a can than in a house,” he shared.

He is from Alberta, Canada.

Want to learn more about Jeff? Visit his Facebook page: Jeff Wolsleger Photography

Zach Nichols

Zach was born and raised in a small community in Iowa where early on he discovered a love for the outdoors.

sports hydration systems

Today, Zach travels around the country to encourage others to share his passion for adventure in their own home states.

He completed the 221 mile John Muir Trail through the Sierra Nevada in 16 days. This averages to almost 14 miles a day!

Want to learn more about Zach?

Visit his twitter: @NicholsZach

Visit his Facebook: Zach Nichols

Visit his Instagram: @zachnichols

David Johnson

Growing up in Utah, he has spent his entire life exploring.

Ever since he bought his first hammock, he has been looking for places to “hang”.

David loves the outdoors.

His ultimate goal is to turn his passion into a career.

“No matter where you live, NEVER STOP EXPLORING!” he told us.

His reigns from Orem, Utah.

Want to learn more about David? Visit his blog: David_Outdoors

Maria McBride

Maria started practicing yoga during her senior year of college, when training for the Boston Marathon.

Her roommate convinced her to try a Bikram yoga class, a type of hot yoga.

In 2010 she opened her own Bikram yoga studio.

“I want people to know that they have the power within them to be their very best self!”

She is from Boston, Massachusetts.