Rich Martinez, 64, gets up at 2:30 every morning to make it to on time to his 4am production shift at Polar Bottle®.

He has worked the same shift — 4am to 2:30pm Monday through Thursday — for the past four years, commuting an hour each way from Brighton, CO. You would hope that after such a long day, he could go home and relax. His three children, after all, are all in their 30s and have families and homes of their own.

However, Rich has two children he and his wife still care for. His seven-year-old nephew and 17-year-old grandson still live in their Brighton home.

“It can be a little rough,” Rich said of spending more than half his life caring for family members.

Despite the challenges, Rich is devoted to his family and positive about his second job as a full time father.

Life as a Polar Bottle Production employee

This optimism carries over in Rich’s work at Polar Bottle as well. Even at the end of the day, it’s impossible to pull a complaint out of him about his early mornings and long days.

“I like the job and everyone is real nice here,” Rich said, explaining that it’s far more enjoyable work than his former construction jobs. “It was nice to find something inside.”

Outside of work Rich is an avid drummer, regularly playing in festivals and community gatherings around Brighton.


Rich’s Modeling Career

Along with being one of the company’s most loved production employees, Rich is also our favorite employee to photograph.

Whenever the professional photographer who takes our company photos visits the office, he makes a beeline to Rich for a photo shoot.

The reasons, we think, are pretty obvious.

Rich doesn’t care too much about the attention, saying simply that “It’s kind of good,” to be the go-to Polar Bottle model.

Part of what photographs so well, Rich suspects, is his full beard — which he has had since he graduated high school.

“I always get compliments,” he said of the beard. “Everybody knows me around Brighton.”

Rich acknowledges that the upkeep can be a pain, so why has he kept the facial hair over all these years?

“My wife likes it.”


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