The stars seem to align regularly for brothers Admir, 33, and Fehrat (or Feša), 36, Dacić.

Take the way they met their wives, for example.

Admir and Feša are originally from Montenegro. While they were back home, their older brother, Hasim, was working at a Macy’s Department store in Boulder. One day Hasim showed two women he worked with — Jessica and Adisa — photos of his brothers.

A few weeks later (after just a few visits to Montenegro) Jessica married Feša and Adisa married Admir. The brothers say the women fell in love with them within a few hours.

They had a joint wedding ceremony.

Within a few months, Admir and Feša moved to Colorado to be with their wives. They now both have two children and are on their way to becoming U.S. citizens.

“Interesting, huh?” Admir says of the brothers finding their wives.

Landing their job at Polar Bottle was equally smooth.

Speaking only one word of English — “All we could say was hi” — Admir and Feša visited Polar Bottle in August of 2008. Luckily, the first people to greet them were Adnan and Nechko Gazibara who they knew through an adult rec soccer league. Adnan and Nechko just happened to be from Bosnia, which just happens to have a similar enough language to Montenegrin that they could translate.

Two employees had just left the company when Admir and Feša happened to walk in the door and Judy, the Polar Bottle president, hired them on the spot.

Oh, and there was a company lunch that day that the brothers were invited to join.

Today, Feša and Admir speak English fluently. They picked up most of their vocabulary at work. They recognize that they have picked up quite a lot of innapropriate slang.

For now, the brothers say they are happy with their positions at Polar Bottle. They like the people that work here and they like the work — especially building bottles.

If their luck continues, Feša and Admir will probably be running the company within a few years.