Polar Bottle employees have never been very festive on Halloween. Aside from using it as an excuse to eat more candy than we usually do, we basically ignore the holiday at the office.

This year, however, as part of our first annual Halloween costume contest on Facebook, we decided to be a little more spirited and design a costume ourselves. Because we live and breath water bottles — and needed something we could reuse at trade shows to justify spending money on materials — we decided to fashion a human-sized Polar Bottle sport costume.

Our event coordinator, Dane, is our GO TO guy for this kind of project and he immediately got to work fashioning the costume. It came out so beautifully that we decided to share with you all how we did it.

We look forward to seeing dozens of Polar Bottle costumes next year. Maybe you can dress your children as 12oz bottles. It could be your greatest costume yet.

Step 1: Visit Your Local Plastic Manufacturer

Get a large piece of 6 foot piece of poly carbonate plastic. We got ours from a local plastics manufacturer in Denver.

The plastic needs to be sturdy enough to hold together but thin enough that you can bend it into a circle. Our sheet was 1/16th of an inch.

Step 2: Make The Foil Bag

Made in America Water Bottles     Insulated Bike Water Bottle     Polar Bottle Insualted Water Botttle

Buy a reflective Emergency Blanket (you know the ones they give runners after marathons) and spray paint it your selected color. The blanket will work as the costume’s inner foil bag lining the bottle. We got a Stansport Polarshield  blanket from our favorite local hardware store.

Step 3: Do Some Science And Plaster On Some Logos

Once the paint has dried, glue on a large Polar Bottle logo and other distinguishing markings on our bottles (like the size). We researched the average volume of a human and calculated that the bottle would need to be around 2,300 ounces.

Then glue the blanket to the inside of the plastic.

Reusable Water Bottles

Step 4: Zip Tie Everything Together

Once the blanket is securely plastered to the sheet of plastic carefully bend it into a circle, allowing for an overlap of about two inches at the seam.

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

Drill holes an inch apart every two to three inches along the overlap. Be sure to drill through both layer of plastic.

Polar Bottle Insulated Water Bottle

Zip tie the layers together.

Made in America Insulated Water Bottles

Step 5: Add Straps And A Lanyard

Once the base of the bottle is finalized, fashion old bike tubes into straps to hoist the bottle onto your shoulders. To secure the straps, simply drills two hole holes at the top of both sides of the bottle then loop the tire through the holes.

An old bike tire works as the lanyard as well. Simply drill in a hole on the side and loop the tire through.

Made in America Insulated Water Bottles    Water Bottle For Cycling

Step 6: Build the cap

Now that the body of your bottle is complete, it’s time to focus on the cap.

Use a strip of cardboard about six inches high and three feet long for the base. It should be thin enough that you can bend it into a circle. Secure the circle using staples or glue.

Cut out a large circle of cardboard with the same diameter as the base. Glue the circle and base together.

Repeat the process with a smaller circle. This portion will go around your head so it should the same diameter as a snug hat. This time enclosed in the circle should be something sturdy (we used foam) so that your head does not go right through it.

Secure the smaller circle to the top of the larger one. Then spray paint everything white.

Add a black piece of cardboard to the top of the smaller circle (this acts as the valve) and a smaller white circle of plastic to the top of that.

Polar Bottle Water Bottle     Fitness Water Bottle

Step 3: Put Everything Together And Look Fantastic

Insulated Made In America Water Bottles   Made in america water bottles  Water Bottle

You will probably need help from a friend or family member to get into the body of the bottle then simply put the cap on your head and Ta Da! You are a Polar Bottle sport water bottle!

Polar Bottle Made In America Water Bottle

WARNING: It is very hard to walk in this costume. It’s more of a look at me standing here looking fabulous kind of costume. You might need a backup for trick or treating — or plan to take a little extra time navigating from house to house.

Happy Halloween!