New survey shows reusable water bottle owners buy and dispose of over 100 fewer plastic water bottles a year

Consumer research from Boulder, Colorado company Polar Bottle, indicates that by purchasing a reusable water bottle an individual typically uses and disposes of one hundred and seven fewer disposable plastic water bottles in the first year alone. On average, consumers said they bought nine fewer bottles monthly as a result of owning a reusable water bottle. Respondents equated this reduction to a saving of $8.91 monthly on bottled water –or $107 annually.

Other insights include:

84% of respondents said that a reusable water bottle being better for the environment was a benefit to them
  • 78% said that an insulated reusable water bottle like Polar Bottle has an advantage over bottled water because it keeps water colder
  • 47% said they would drink less bottled water if reusable bottles and filling stations were provided at work or school
  • 18% said they would drink less bottled water knowing there are Made in USA reusable water bottles like Polar Bottle

“Buying a reusable water bottle is one of the easiest lifestyle choices people can make with a major environmental impact.  These results show it also makes economic sense as buying a quality reusable water bottle like Polar Bottle pays for itself within a couple of months on bottled water savings alone. We hope this survey persuades government departments, workplaces and schools to offer visitors, employees and students reusable water bottles. We also expect that even more consumers will make the switch to reusable water bottles”, says Liza Milijasevic Polar Bottle Marketing Director.