You’ve decided to do your bit for the planet by ditching disposable water bottles. We applaud you! But, now you are faced with a confusing number of reusable water bottle choices. Surely, it makes no difference which one you pick?  Not so.

Many of the cheaper water bottles are made from low quality plastic.  These often contain BPA and phthalates which are thought to mimic reproductive hormones and have been linked to fertility and insulin resistance issues.   This is a particular concern if you are buying bottles for kids to take to school or for use at sports activities when warming can activate chemical leaching. Please make sure any bottle you buy is clearly labeled BPA and phthalate free .  Being dishwasher safe is a must for easy cleaning, but a removable valve is often overlooked. This feature will ensure a complete clean which will keep the taste of your water pure.  If you prefer your drinks cold rather than tepid, an insulated bottle is your best bet; even better if the bottle is freezer safe so you can chill your water before heading out to play.

We are proud to say that all Polar Bottle® water bottles are, (and always have been) BPA and phthalate free, dishwasher and freezer safe, insulated and possess removable valves.  For us, these are just the basics.  We are unashamed reusable water bottle nerds. Look out for upcoming pieces on what to look for in a reusable water bottle for specific sports and activities ranging from cycling and swimming to commuting.