Mission Accomplished Again!

By John Whitney – Polar Bottle Ambassador

Mission accomplished again! Ironman 70.3 St. George Utah: a course that at one point was a full Ironman but was so tough that no one wanted to sign up. So they changed it and people have returned to test their will, strength and fitness.

Me? Prepared? Not as well as I should have been but prepared enough to finish in 7 hours. Swim first. The dirty goggles forcing me to stop two or three times to take them off and see where I was. Get out of the water thinking I had gone too slow to get an official time instead a DNF. Can’t stop though. I have to keep going until I finish or they tell me to stop.

The bike ride would turn out to be the toughest part: such a mountainous course. This is where you see why no one wanted to do the full Ironman here. Exhausting. So tiring giving up and calling it quits for the day come to mind – especially when you almost fall going down a fast hill. But then the true motivators come in to play. You remind yourself of why you did this, who you will be letting down and who you will be proving wrong. You’ve promised yourself you would show others that you can’t let a medical condition slow you down. There’s another motive as well. To make sure anyone who doubted your commitment and training was wrong. Plain and simple you can’t let them be right. They’re family, friends and co-workers but you don’t want them to be right. They can’t be. So you keep on pushing.

The ride is done and on to the run. Again, like the ride, one hill after another With no socks, your feet are being torn and you know it but you just keep on going. There’s no reason to stop now. It’s just walk then run, walk, run, walk, run until it’s time to finish strong and run like you’ve got fresh legs and this is nothing. Always finish strong. Always.