Polar Bottle employees are an eclectic and active bunch. Our hobbies range from cycling and hiking, to running, skiing, snowboarding, yoga, surfing — and everything in between.

No matter what activity we are doing, we are all sure to pack a water bottle with us. Hydration is the first step to a healthy lifestyle and the key to having an epic run, ride, hike, etc.

Even when we are just hanging at home, or working away at our desks, we are always sure to have a water bottle by our side.

The specific bottles that our employees use, however, varies from sport to sport. So we sat down with our “athletes” to get the rundown on why hydration is so important for their sport, and which Polar Bottle product they use to stay hydrated.

First up, ski and snowboard enthusiasts Nick Pappianou and Christine Pikor.




Why Hydration Is So Important For Skiers And Snowboarders

You burn an estimated 500 calories an hour snowboarding or skiing. As with any cardiovascular workout of this kind, hydration is key for a strong performance.

Experts estimate that exercise can be impaired when an athlete is dehydrated by as little as two percent of his or her body weight. Higher rates of dehydration quickly slow sprinters to a walk and, in the case of Nick and Christina, skiers and snowboarders to a bunny hill pace.

Water and electrolytes provide fuel to keep your body moving. When you start to get dehydrated, your body’s ability to regulate temperature is affected, which causes muscles to work harder than normal — thus leading to quicker fatigue.

When you are burning upwards of 500 calories an hour on a ski slope you are sweating away important liquids. To make up for the water you lose from sweating, it’s important to start off your ski day with a few glasses of water in your system. Throughout the day you should also be refueling with water or a sports drinks.

Hydrating At High Altitudes

First up, ski and snowboard enthusiasts Nick Pappianou and Christine Pikor.Along with being a high-intensity workout, skiing and boarding have the added complication of being high-altitude sports.

Your body loses even more water at high altitudes because the air is thinner, meaning you have to breath deeper and faster to get the same amount of oxygen as you would at sea level. You lose water through respiration, so the heavier your breathing the more water you are emitting.

Experts estimate that you can use upwards of two times as much water through respiration at high altitudes than at sea level.

Staying Hydrated While Skiing or Snowboarding

For Nick and Christina, who have both been skiing and boarding since they were kids, keeping a water bottle with them on the slopes is the best way to ensure they are sipping enough H2O.

“It’s easy to forget to drink water during a day out riding,” Nick said. “I’m always having so much fun that I often don’t notice how much water I’m losing, which is a quick way to get tired out.”

To ensure he has water with him whenever he needs it, Nick always packs a 24oz Colorado Flag Water Bottle.

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“When I ski, I usually am on the mountain 99 percent of the day,” Christine said. “Lunch is usually short and I definitely don’t want to worry about going to the lodge for water breaks.”

Christine usually starts her ski day with warm tea before switching to water. To keep her drinks hot, then refreshingly cool, Christine relies on the 21oz Polar Bottle Thermaluxe.

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Insulated water bottles keep water from freezing in low temperatures

The main reason Nick and Christina choose Polar Bottle, they say, is because the insulation in our bottles prevents their water from freezing on cold Colorado snow days.

This is something we have heard from many winter athletes, ranging from the adventurous year-round cyclist to professional skiers.

More Winter Athletes That Use Polar Bottle In Training

Nick and Christina aren’t the only snow bunnies who use Polar Bottle. Over the years we’ve helped dozens of semi-professional and professional winter athletes stay hydrated with our products.

Here is a sampling of some of our favorites.

The USA Ski Team

USA Olympic Ski Team

For the 2014 Sochi Olympics the USA Ski Team repped 20oz Polar Bottle Sport and Ergo bottles, customized for fellow Boulder-based company Skratch Labs. 






Salt Lake City International Speed Skating Team

Insulated Made in America Water Bottle

The Salt Lake City International Speed Skating Team approached Polar Bottle about signing on as a sponsor in 2013.  Never having worked with speed skaters before, we were excited to provide 24oz Polar Bottle Star Spangled Banner bottles to such a world-renowned team. Among the team’s many accomplishments are a few Olympic metals.




British U21 Alpine Ski Racer Ash Breese:

Insulated Water Bottles for Skiing

We predict “Ash Breese” will be a household name in the next few years, with the Olympic games within his reach. We hope our 24oz California Flag Water Bottle and 24oz Texas Flag Water Bottle (his chosen designs) give this British skier the boost he needs to get there.





California Skier Zac Kelly

Skiing Water Bottle

California competitive skier Zac Kelly uses the Polar Bottle Ergo to stay hydrated on the slopes. We hope Olympic dreams turn into reality for this ambitious ski racer.