Society has finally come to accept how tough girls are. We can handle challenging workout classes and marathons. There are quite a few “Ironwomen” completing “Ironman” triathlons. And because girls go above and beyond, fitness has become inarguably fashionable. We can do hard workouts, sweat, and look good all at the same time.

It is no longer acceptable to enter a yoga studio in worn out t-shirts or head out for a run in baggy, unflattering basketball shorts. All these new well-fitted leggings, quick-dry tops, and colorful yoga mats and sneakers are a great way to enjoy your fitness routine, but remember that if you are going to sweat, you need to rehydrate. Here are some girly water bottles to compliment any strenuous activity.

Color Series water bottles:

If you are attracted to colorful items, our Color Series sports bottles are perfect for you. With six eye-popping colors to choose from, you are sure to find a color you love – one that matches your sneakers, headband, or yoga mat.

sports water bottles

Artist Series water bottles:

Patterned leggings and tops are extremely popular, and if you are drawn to unique, interesting patterns, the Artists Series sports bottles are a great place to start. Take a small 12-ounce bottle with you to combat dehydration on a long, hot, run or bring the 24-ounce bottle with you to a HIIT class to keep you a little cooler.

For Color Series and Artist Series bottles:

Spectrum Series water bottles:

Do you need a bottle to sustain the temperature of both hot and cold liquids? That’s why we invented the Ergo, with innovative hot and cold insulation. Sip tea before a morning swim, or fill it with ice water to take on a hot summer hike. Furthermore, if you are looking for a bright-popping bottle, the Spectrum Series has eight different colors to choose from, so it is impossible to go wrong.

For Spectrum bottles:

Build your own:

Whether you want a Color Series sports bottle, an Ergo hot/cold bottle, or a Thermaluxe stainless steel bottle, we want you to be able to customize the cap, lanyard, and bottle with any color you want. With so many different colors, there are endless combinations to make a water bottle exactly how you want it.For a build your own: