A few months ago, Polar Bottle® employees read about a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year award winner named Shannon Galpin — a local Colorado philanthropist doing some amazing work to bring cycling to women in Afghanistan.

We immediately got in touch with Shannon about how we could help out.

First, we donated several dozen bottles to her gear drive for the nation’s first all women’s cycling team.

From there, we designed a custom Polar Bottle® Benefit Bottle to support Shannon’s local women’s advocacy organization Strength in Numbers. For every $14.99 bottle sold, $5 is donated back to the nonprofit. Get the bottle here. 

Finally, our public relations department interviewed Shannon for a profile on her work and the unfortunate turn of events in her personal life that led her to devote her life to advocating for women half a world away. The profile was recently featured on the League of American Bicyclists blog to promote the upcoming National Bike Summit —  where Shannon will speak about her advocacy work.

Here is a preview of the piece:
“In 2009 — after traveling to Afghanistan several times to work on various education and relief projects, — Galpin mountain biked the entire Panjshir Valley in north-central Afghanistan. To the best of her knowledge, she was the first woman to have ever done so. For women in Afghanistan, she says, biking is almost unheard of — a deeply rooted cultural taboo that up until recently few dared to question…”

Read the rest on the League blog.