With an overwhelming amount of information about human impact on the environment, it’s hard to know where to start. Maybe your commute to work is too far to bike, you have to travel by plane frequently for you job, or you just can’t afford a more fuel-efficient vehicle at the moment.

Well, here is something everyone can do: cut down on trash.

Pollution from single use water bottles is a particularly harmful trash product, often ending up in our oceans. According to Nicole D’Alessandro at EcoWatch, fifty percent of plastic is used just once and then thrown away. Although you may believe you are throwing your plastic in a trash can, eighty percent of plastic pollution still enters the water from land. This has a significant effect on marine life, and 100,000 animals are killed from plastic annually.

recycling water bottles

(Photo taken on the coast of Belize. Courtesy of National Geographic*.)

So how do we cut down on plastic trash from single use bottles? The answer is far too easy to ignore.

Since our start in 1994, Polar Bottle has been asking its customers to cut down on disposable plastic bottles with our reusable water bottles. Although disposable water bottles can be recycled, the recycling rate on disposable water bottles is only 23 percent. And even if you are recycling those bottles, a reusable bottle promotes a healthy planet far more than recycling, as it creates practically no waste.

Paper trash is another concern. For many of you, an important part of the day is heading into your favorite coffee shop for a caffeinated beverage. But those cups, straws, and plastic lids quickly add up. According to www.carryyourcup.org, Americans throw away 25 billion coffee cups every year. If you buy just one disposable hot drink every day for a year, you will contribute roughly 23 pounds of waste to the planet’s landfills. Office workers seem to play an especially momentous role in the process, as the average American uses about 500 disposable coffee cups a year.

It may not be as timely to make your own coffee at home, but you can fill a Polar Bottle Ergo hot/cold bottle or a Thermaluxe stainless steel bottle at a coffee shop. Just ask the barista for your latte or Americano to go, but mention that you want it filled in your own stainless steel bottle.

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Not only does this cut down on paper cups, but the bottle’s insulation as well as our sip-through caps decreases the need for cardboard sleeves and plastic lids. Just make sure to rinse it out afterwards — both bottles don’t just keep drinks hot, but keep water cold later in the day.

If you think this sounds like killing two birds with one stone, you are right – although you won’t actually be killing any birds, rather saving their lives along with other plants, animals, and ecosystems.


*“There are 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic debris in the ocean. Of that mass, 269,000 tons float on the surface, while some four billion plastic microfibers per square kilometer litter the deep sea.”

Laura Parker, National Geographic

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