Are you one of the people who want to improve their habits to take better care of their health? This good advice from blogger Jess Walter will help us learn how staying properly hydrated contributes to a healthy quality sleep.

Drink Water, Sleep Better

Water is undoubtedly the most vital source of life since it is the only essential nutrient whose absence will result in fatality within days. Staying properly hydrated promotes homeostasis in body temperature, the filtration of toxins through the kidneys, and improved cognitive function. These facts are relatively well known. A lesser known fact about water is that it contributes to a proper and deep sleep. Nearly a third of the American Population is sleep deprived, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. One of the most common causes of sleep deprivation is dehydration; therefore, staying properly hydrated contributes to a better-quality sleep.

Nutrition and You

One of the keys to living a healthy lifestyle is proper hydration. The reason improving hydration will significantly help you sleep is because water helps to regulate and stabilize our hormone, vitamin and nutrient levels. It has the same stabilizing effect on our joints and muscles, helping us feel more peaceful and comfortable while we rest. Proper hydration also helps to regulate body temperature, ensuring that you are comfortable when you go to bed. Finally, an increase in water consumption has been studied and confirmed to be in direct correlation with an increase in the quality of our mood and sleep, according to a Life Science Exploration. A positive and productive mood leads to a correspondingly positive and productive sleep.

Staying well-hydrated helps us to avoid the symptoms of dehydration such as dry mouth and nasal passage, which can lead to sleep disruption and snoring, as well as cramping. In some ways, dehydration and sleep deprivation go hand in hand. For instance, one of the signs of dehydration is that it often makes people feel less engaged, alert and energetic the following day, much like sleep deprivation.

Staying Hydrated Day and Night

In order to stay hydrated through the night the human body has to take in enough water throughout the day. For those people who find it difficult to drink so much water, or simply to help further hydrate those who always carry around a water bottle, eating fruits and vegetables is a viable alternative. Between trips to the tap or the water cooler, your choice of snacks could significantly help you stay hydrated because many fruits and vegetables contain over 90% water. Another popular way to consume your water is to add flavoured liquid or powder. Whether you are at home or on the go you can stay hydrated drinking your favourite flavours in a convenient and environmentally friendly portable container.

Monitoring Hydration and Sleep Patterns

Many of us care immensely about our bodies, and therefore want to stay as hydrated and physically fit as we can. With the busy lifestyles so many people lead, applications like Waterminder helps us monitor our hydration levels, while Pillow helps us monitor the length and quality of our sleep cycles. If we monitor and adjust our levels of hydration accordingly, our sleep quality will significantly improve, and we will all be happier and healthier people.