We recently received a video from a couple in California in which they explained that while they are long-time Polar Bottle® customers and big fans of our water bottles, they did some at home testing that made them think something wasn’t quite right…

Here at Polar Bottle, we love to hear from our customers and because we are a small company we get to be creative with our customer service. Yes, we care about whether or not you like your water bottle, but more importantly we care that we take every opportunity we get to use a graduated cylinder. Obviously we had to respond to the video above with one of our own.

*Just a side note. If we get to make enough of these scientifically driven videos upper management will spring for some sweet lab coats…just saying.

Here is the email we got in response to our video:

“Lol…Addie, I think we love the Polar Bottles even more now! We loved the video and got a kick out of it. I guess now we need to make a video for the fridge company! nah…we’re not really “in love” with our fridge, so it doesn’t matter.

Hey, thanks for spending time on this. I may not be in a position to say this; but now you guys are even more sure about the quality of your product. Also, we got to see you guys in the video, which is just cool on its own 🙂

As far as getting two PBs from you, Carey and I think that would be a cheap move from out side, since that would just mean that we reached out to you guys for some freebies. That was definitely not our intention. So, we appreciate your offer very much so, but we can’t accept it.  I am an engineer myself, and I know how important it is for every product to go through proper Quality Assurance. I have also seen people that complained about a product that I worked on, in hopes of getting something out of it. So I know what that’s like and I would never want to be a complaining customer.

Thanks again for the fun videos. Like I said we love your products. If there is anything we can do to help in California to help with PB sales and such, let us know. That could be as easy as writing a review online.


Pedram & Carey”

Having a small, locally owned business that manufactures it’s products in the United States means that we get to connect with our customers on a rare level. If you call (or video) with a concern, real people (or faux scientists) talk to you and make the adjustments that you need, even if that means reevaluating how our product is made. This is why we love our job, and why making a water bottle that is superior and personal is so important to us.

Thank you to our new friends Pedram and Carey, for proving how awesome Polar Bottle customers really are. We really will meet you for drinks if you make the trip out to Colorado…we’ll just split the check, right?