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Best Places to Backpack

If you are looking for a meaningful, beautiful, and relatively cheaper way to leave the country, we may have a trip for your. Break away from your routine, learn about a world outside of your own, and get a little bit more out of life. Here are some of the best places to backpack. Read more »

Music Festival Gear Guide

Staying hydrated may feel like a far off concept when you are busy dancing the day and night away at a summer music festival. But don’t forget that sun you’re dancing under is hot. Read more »

Cenote Hydration System Insiders Guide

beyond hydration with the Disposable Cenote Hydration System When Polar Bottle set out to create our first hydration system we had one primary goal — never be forced to clean a dirty hydration system ever again. So, we created a much lower cost alternative to the traditional hydration system that could be washed and reused, but […] Read more »