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Why water is so important

The one thing we can’t live without is water! Many of us have heard that maintaining good hydration is really important, but do we truly know why? Blogger Jess Walter shares how staying hydrated plays a critical role in our bodies. Is Hydration The Secret Weapon Against Cancer? Obesity has been linked with 13 types of cancer, and […] Read more »

Summer Camping Tips

It’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful nature around you! Going camping with your family is a great choice. To help get you started, here are some tips from blogger Jess Walter to make sure your first time camping as a family isn’t your last. Family Camping Hacks That You Should Know Camping […] Read more »

The Why & How of Winter Camping

Thinking of going winter camping? Make the most of a magical experience with some tips from bloggers Jenn and Scott Jackson that are sure to help you prepare you for the best trip of your life. 5 Great Reasons to go Winter Camping Avoid The Crowds If you genuinely want to get a dose of […] Read more »

How to make exercise part of your daily routine

Finding time for working out is one of the biggest hurdles to adopting a healthy lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to more seamlessly integrate fitness into your daily routine from blogger Jess Walter. Make Your Fitness Fit Your Life At a time when Americans are working longer hours than most other countries, carving out […] Read more »

Drinking more water and eating healthier – tips to help you do both

Processed food and sugary beverages are an unfortunate staple of the American diet. Learn more from blogger Jess Walter on how and why to integrate healthier options into your life.   Reducing Processed Food and Drink In The American Diet Processed food now dominates American nutrition, making up around 70% of our diet. Pre-prepared and pre-packaged […] Read more »