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Drinking more water and eating healthier – tips to help you do both

Processed food and sugary beverages are an unfortunate staple of the American diet. Learn more from blogger Jess Walter on how and why to integrate healthier options into your life.   Reducing Processed Food and Drink In The American Diet Processed food now dominates American nutrition, making up around 70% of our diet. Pre-prepared and pre-packaged […] Read more »

6 Safety and Hydration Tips for Beginner Mountain Bikers

Mountain bike season will be here soon enough. Get ready with these six tips from Amanda Wilks, author and creator of Mountain Bike Reviewed.    The allure of the freedoms of mountain biking might lead a newcomer to believe there are few dangers to consider when tearing up the mountainside or taking a leisurely downhill […] Read more »

Public land is what makes America great – a letter to our Senators

This letter was written to Colorado senators Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet by Polar Bottle Company President Judy Amabile and Marketing Manager Addie Bash Dear Senator, We are writing you on behalf of the 37 Coloradans, and their families, employed at Polar Bottle in Boulder, Colorado. Our company has been manufacturing insulated water bottles since 1994. Nearly […] Read more »

Tips for healthy living

Taking Control of Your Health can be a challenge, especially as we get older. Here are some tips from health reporter Jess Walter on how to continue to lead a healthy, active lifestyle — and the role hydration plays in doing so. Read more »

Polar Bottle Ambassadors Favorite Bottles

We started including Ambassadors in the PB team in 2014 because we wanted to play a small part in helping passionate people fulfill their dreams. Today, our awesome team of 27 ambassadors come from four different countries and 12 states across the the US. They are athletes, adventure fanatics, conservationists, artists, photographers. Read more »