It’s time to get outside and enjoy the beautiful nature around you! Going camping with your family is a great choice. To help get you started, here are some tips from blogger Jess Walter to make sure your first time camping as a family isn’t your last.

Family Camping Hacks That You Should Know

Camping conjures up thoughts of long summer days in the great outdoors and evenings snuggled up next to a roaring campfire. Camping is one of the most popular recreational activities in the United States with 40.5 million Americans going camping in 2016. With warm days and cool nights, Coloradan summers are perfect for camping although it is important to prepare by thinking about what equipment you will need,  where to camp and how you will store water to keep everyone hydrated. Here are some camping tips and tricks to keep the whole family happy when under canvas.

Getting the right equipment

There is a wealth of camping equipment on the market but not all of it is essential. Basic equipment you will need starts with a tent. Buy or borrow a tent that offers plenty of space for your family, especially if you need to shelter from the rain. And to pitch your tent, you will need tent pegs and a mallet. Next up is sleeping; you will need sleeping pads or mattresses to sleep on and a thick, warm sleeping bag to stop you from getting cold at night. Sleeping bags are marketed with temperature ranges, choose the one suitable for the conditions you will be sleeping in. Now, let’s move on to eating. Camping stoves come in many different sizes, it all depends on how much space you have in your car and how gourmet your cooking will be while you are camping.  You’ll also need an insulated bag to store food in and kitchen equipment. If space allows, tables and chairs will be helpful. Don’t forget your torch and, most importantly, activities to entertain your children.

Choosing a campground

Colorado boasts a wide range of camping options from established campgrounds to backcountry campsites. Colorado State Parks has over 4000 campgrounds equipped with amenities including restrooms and electric hookups. Or maybe you want to get away from it all and try out one of the private campgrounds with fewer amenities. Your children will love not being forced to have their daily shower!

Water storage

Whether you have amenities or not at your campground, water storage is a key element of your camping trip. Vessels can be large or small, it may be easier to have a large water container and to fill everyone’s water bottles from here. If you do not have running water at your campground then ensure you take water from clean sources and purify it before drinking.

With some pre-planning, you’ll be all set for an amazing camping trip and will create long-lasting memories. Children love playing in the outdoors and interacting with nature and camping is a great way for them to do this. It really is time to pitch that tent and light the campfire.