Polar Bottle®–Born and Raised in the USA
Finding a quality product that is made in the USA is becoming more important to retailers and consumers.  Here at Polar Bottle we are committed to producing a quality Made in the USA product, as we have for the past twenty years.
According to a survey from the Consumer Reports National Research Center, seventy-eight percent of Americans would rather buy a product made in the USA and the number one reason for that choice is to keep manufacturing jobs in America.  Respondents also stated that they would rather pay ten percent more for a product made in the USA than an imported version of that product.  We understand the desire for high quality products at a reasonable price, and we offer 64 different stylish bottle designs and the Cenoté hydration system that deliver on both fronts.
Our 38,000 square foot Boulder, Colorado design and production facility has created jobs for over fifty employees who help design, manufacture, and ship a high performance, BPA and phthalate free USA made water bottle.
So the next time you are looking to support manufacturing jobs in the USA or are simply looking for a great water bottle, choose Polar Bottle.

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