To celebrate National Bike to Work day today our company president invited the entire Polar Bottle crew on a company bike ride to our favorite coffee shop, Ozo Coffee, and treated us all to a beverage. The goal was to encourage more people to bike to work — or at least bring in their bikes or use one of our company bikes to get out of the office for a few hours.

And it worked.

Collectively, the employees who rode to and from work today — many of whom bike to work regardless of the day — biked 60.2 miles, which saved a total of around 2.5 gallons of gas. This might seem inconsequential, but if those same employees biked to work every day for a year they would conserve close to 626 gallons of gas, saving around $365 each.

Ten of us participated in the 12-mile group bike ride, saving a total of 4.8 gallons of gas. Again, from a short-term perspective, 4.8 gallons of gas is somewhat trivial. If, however, we made the same trip for our mid-morning coffee break every day for a year by bike rather than driving we would collectively conserve around 1,248 gallons of gas and each save around $436 a year.
Imagine how much gas and money would be saved if everyone in the United States biked to work, even if it were only one or two days a week.

For a lot of Americans, however, we understand that using alternative transportation to commute is nearly impossible. Our home city of Boulder, Colorado is lined with seemingly endless bike paths and bike lanes, offering our employees a safe and convenient way to get from our office to almost anywhere in town. We know that this is not the case for everyone. Because of our relative advantage, it’s important that in Boulder and similar communities, people make even more of an effort to take advantage of the resources available to them.

On the same note, it’s equally important that cyclists and cycling companies commit to investing time and resources to advocate for improving the bike infrastructure for the entire country. We should all at least have the option to conserve gas, save money and be active by biking to work, regardless of where we call home.