The one thing we can’t live without is water! Many of us have heard that maintaining good hydration is really important, but do we truly know why? Blogger Jess Walter shares how staying hydrated plays a critical role in our bodies.

Is Hydration The Secret Weapon Against Cancer?

Obesity has been linked with 13 types of cancer, and 40% of those obesity-linked cancer cases were diagnosed in America. With the average American getting 70% of their calorific intake from processed foods and drinking 44 gallons of soda every year, it is no wonder there is a huge focus on diet and nutrition. As the evidence for the risk of obesity grows, one aspect of nutrition is sadly overlooked – Hydration.

Hydration And Obesity

We are made of water and virtually every function of our body requires hydration to work at peak efficiency. One role of fluid intake that has been neglected for years is the part it plays in preventing obesity. Those who are routinely dehydrated have been shown to have a 50% greater chance of developing higher than average BMIs. Research into the link between hydration and obesity took into account gender, age, activity level, and a wide range of other factors but the result remained the same – Low water intake levels increase your obesity risk, and the higher your obesity level, the more you are at risk of contracting cancers.

Hydration And Weight Loss

Aside from the role that water plays in preventing obesity directly, it also has an obvious indirect part to play too. By swapping out sugar filled sodas for a refillable bottle of water you instantly remove a large amount of overly refined sugar from your diet. By having a water bottle with you at all times you will also help to cut back on the snacks. Your body is not always the best at knowing what it wants, some signals of hunger that people experience are actually a sign of thirst. By having drinking water on hand all the time this feeling can be avoided.  

Hydration, Diet And Cancer

It has also been found that drinking water before meals can help with weight loss (if part of a calorie controlled diet). This does not mean that water should be your new “fad diet”. Dieticians are clear that there is only one truly healthy diet, and that is a balanced one. By increasing your intake of water and eating a good balance of nutrients you will remain healthy. Aside from tackling obesity, a healthy diet is, in itself, another good way to fight cancer. No foods are truly bad for you, the key is balance.

Hydration And Exercise

A key element in remaining healthy and beating obesity is exercise. The role of exercise is not fully understood by everyone. Whilst it is true that calories are used within the act of exercising this is only the tip of the iceberg. Exercising raises the base metabolism level meaning that more energy is being used all the time (potentially leading to weight loss). It is impossible to exercise efficiently without proper hydration. Loss of water through sweating leads to a loss of fluid in the blood. This drop, if not checked by hydration, can reduce the blood’s ability to carry fuel and oxygen; it can also lead to hyperthermia. Exercising without hydration also leads to poor performance with a drop in power, strength and endurance. Remember that by getting fitter you fight obesity and, in turn, help prevent cancer.

Hydration will never be the next celebrity cause, but it should be. With a large percentage of the cancers in America being linked to excess weight, and the link between dehydration and obesity being discovered, it is vital that Americans start to hydrate to stay healthy.