Zach Nichols

  • Hometown: Cedar Falls, Iowa

For Zach Nichols, an adventurous life is not defined by snow capped peaks (though he’s summited his fair share), but rather how you capitalize on what is available to you to make an adventure out of the everyday.

Zach’s Story

Born and raised in a small Iowa community, I don’t come from the typical background of a mountain athlete. I was fortunate enough to have parents that saw value in our national parks and public lands, and they took us to the mountains to experience the magic every chance we had. As I grew up, I began to realize that living in Iowa did not restrict me from living an outdoor lifestyle. I set out to become familiar with our local parks, trails, lakes, and rivers. In early 2015, along with a couple close friends and an Astro Van, I launched the #Astroadventure project. We set sail in our freedom vessel to share some of our favorite parks and lands to pay homage to our home, the Midwest.

Since then, I have been mixing school and my own ventures in the mountains, most recently completing the 221 mile John Muir Trail through the Sierra Nevada in 16 days. I cannot express how passionate I am about experiencing life. Throughout my career, my end goal is to make an impact on the mindset of adventure. You do not have to live in the mountains, own hiking boots, or a special backpack to go for a hike. Make do with what you have and go create an experience. Adventure is a feeling, not a place. It’s right in front of you regardless of your location.

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