Ryan Waters

At 18, Ryan Waters discovered a passion for climbing and travel that has since taken him to the summits of the world’s highest mountains …many times over.

Ryan’s Story:

I grew up exploring the mountains. At the age of 18 I discovered climbing and a passion for travel that would eventually lead me to the great mountain ranges of the world. After working as a geologist for several years I began a career as a mountain guide.

I have been fortunate to guide all around the world, climbing and leading trips to the highest mountains on every continent. I focus a lot of my time in the Himalayas and Andes Ranges. So far I have visited the Himalayas on 18 expeditions, mostly to 8,000m mountains like Everest and many others.

I got into Polar Ski expeditions and had an incredible journey across Antarctica in a 70-day 1,100 mile unsupported ski crossing with a partner for the first such traverse of the continent. In 2014 myself and a partner completed a 53-day unsupported ski expedition from Canada to the North Pole. Interestingly, this made me the first American to compete the Adventurers Grand Slam (Seven Summits and both Poles full/unsupported).

I launched my own guiding company in 2005, Mountain Professionals. Through my guide service, I lead clients on adventures all around the world, from Everest to the Poles. I’m able to share my experience from my expeditions and adventures with my clients, which is something I truly love.

“My favorite bottle is the Thermaluxe Insulated Bottle:It is great to have a functional hydration piece that works with both hot and cold temps so that I can travel in any kind of environment from the freezing plateau of Antarctica to the hot treks in to mountains around the world and enjoy either coffee that stays hot or a cold drink to hydrate!”