Molly McPherson

Molly is a Girl Scout who has a mission of saving the world one water bottle at a time. Her efforts have earned her the Gold Award, the highest achievement possible as a Girl Scout, and she hopes her campaign will grab the attention of her favorite TV show, the Ellen Show.

Molly’s story:

My name is Molly McPherson. I was born and raised in the beautiful Boulder, Colorado. I’ve always used reusable water bottles growing up, but when I saw other people using bottled water on a daily basis, I was disgusted, specifically when I noticed the Ellen Show (my favorite TV show) gave out bottled water to all of her audience and staff members every day.  I decided I wanted to take action in reducing the amount of bottled water that is being used.  I sprung into action for my Girl Scout Gold Award project.  I created a 30 minute presentation about the horrifying aspects of bottled water towards our environment and health, and promoted the use of reusable water bottles.  For people in Boulder who are always on the go, in the outdoors, having new adventures, finding the right reusable water bottle is hard.  I love polar bottles because they are light in weight, the perfect size for a bike water bottle cage, and easy to drink from.   I am primarily a runner, in addition I am a frequent skier, hiker, biker, and swimmer and have found that polar bottles can easily be used for any sport.  

When Polar bottle was a fairly new, I can remember shopping for a present for my mom for her birthday.  When my brother and I spotted the pink polar bottle we knew that it would be a success.  An insulated, convenient, and fun looking water bottles ended up being one of the thoughtful and convenient gifts my mom has ever gotten.

I have now spread awareness of bottled water pollution and reusable water bottle promotion, and have achieved my Gold Award, the highest honor in Girl Scouts in March of 2017.  I have since then continued with the project, specifically by sharing my facebook page, and website.  I am proud to be a brand ambassador for polar bottle, because their BPA free bottles are an incredible example of what we need to start promoting as a healthier option for ourselves and environment!  I hope that with help from other people passionate about this, I can reduce the amount bottled water that is produced, and spread the use of reusable water bottles all around!

Throughout this project I have learned that one passionate girl, with positive motives, has the capability to change the world even if that’s just one water bottle at a time!