Peter Wintrip

At 17 years of old, Peter has completed longer races than most adults will ever run.

Peter’s story:

I am a 17 year old from Taunton, England, where I currently live. My sport of choice is ultra running. I have finished the Dartmoor 50k, and was the youngest person to finish the London2Brighton 100km challenge at 16. In terms of my life and career, I would like to row the Atlantic, summit Everest by foot, and cycle around the world. I would love to find a job I find rewarding and enjoyable. Other interest of mine include photography, fimmaking, travel, health, fitness, running, tennis and cycling.

One of my most entertaining stories has to be when I was speaking to someone at the beginning of the 100km race, who asked how much training I had done. Due to injuries I had only managed around 10km a week for the last two months before the race. He laughed at this and went on to say how he was averaging 100-150km a week and that he had done many ultras before.  After I finished the race I was waiting for my massage and I saw him cross the finish line, he looked horrified when he saw me. I think it served him right for being so arrogant at the start!

As a personal anecdote, I have found that hydration tablets are a game changer for longer events!