Jeremy Koontz

Toward the end of a triathlon, it’s mental effort that gets you over the finish line. For Jeremy, this is the best part.

Jeremy’s Story

A veteran in the ultra marathon community, Koontz has placed in the top three of several 26+ races and is well on his way to rising in the ranks of the triathlon circuit. His favorite thing about the extreme endurance sport, is the mental effort needed to cross the finish line. “The training,” Koontz says, “Is an exercise in self-realization.”

When Jeremy trains he uses the Polar Bottle Ergo at the pool and a 20oz sport with his road bike. Hydration, he says, is essential for top performance.

“Out of all the brands of bottles I’ve tried, Polar Bottles are the easiest to hold while cycling or running, and when I put ice in them it lasts longer than other brands.  Polar Bottles are also very durable and easy to wash no matter what weird concoctions I put in them.”

Favorite Product