Isidora Assler

  • Hometown: Santiago, Chile

Hailing from the south of the world, Isidora wants to devote her life to encouraging others to get outside and to love, and take care, of nature and the outdoors.

Isidora’s Story:

I have dedicated most of my life to spending time in nature. My goals for now are to finish school and eventually become a magazine expedition writer to develop tourism in my country and help others to lead a healthy, active life in the outdoors.

As a competitive snowboarder, I have made it to the podium in numerous different snowboard competitions in Chile. I am also a certified instructor.

My passions are snowboarding and rock climbing and in the the future, I hope to travel around the world practicing them both.

I am constantly trying to spread the idea of loving and taking care of nature, so we can be more conscious about life, be better people, and make this world better.

I feel really blessed to have grown up in Chile. I love this country and it’s diverse geography — especially the South and Patagonia. I am proud that this amazing part of the world is part of my country. It’s important to me to preserve and conserve the identity of this country as much as possible through environmental education and sustainable tourism.

“I am always at the mountain, where, no matter the season, it’s always cold at some point in the day. I love to use my Thermaluxe to keep drinks like tea or coffee hot. And when it gets hot on sunny days, the cold water from the river that I put in my Thermaluxe stays cold the whole day.” 

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