Evan Wilcox

Evan Wilcox’s passion for snowboarding was born on Mt. Hood in his home state of Oregon. The sport would eventually lead him down a path of international travel — spending a good part of the next ten years jet setting around the world to chase the illustrious powder of places like Japan.

Evan’s Story:

I grew up in Portland, Oregon, and started snowboarding when I was 16 — the perfect age where my friends and I could spend all of our money in gas driving between the city and Mt. Hood. Riding quickly became an obsession for me, as I quit playing sports and hobbies that would take away from my time on the mountain.

After graduating from Oregon State University and studying in Austria for six months, I scored a job as a driver at a year round ski and snowboard camp on Mt. Hood. Throughout my four summers riding there, I moved into the role of managing the Demo Shop. Between those summers, I spent my winters in Salt Lake City. First filming as much as I could in the streets, and eventually developing my premier love for riding powder.

I had a fun and comfortable lifestyle between those two snowboard industry hubs, but I was hungry to challenge myself.  Lackluster snow years in the Rockies led me to apply for jobs in debatably the snowiest place in the world: Japan.  One out of about thirty applications succeeded, and I packed my bags to live in Niseko.  My need for deep days was quickly satiated, as the legends of “Japow” materialized into my everyday life. New friends in Japan enabled me to spend a fun winter in Australia, before heading back to Japan for more powder-filled exploration.  In between northern and southern hemisphere winters I passed the time by surfing daily in Indonesia.  Ultimately, Japan has presented me with so much opportunity in the snowboarding world, and I see it as a place where I will continue to develop myself as a snowboarder.


Evan’s powder adventures in Japan: