Emily Walter

All it took was moving to a new state for Emily Walter to have a major shift in her perspective on the outdoors. And the California native turned Colorado transplant is not looking back.

Emily’s Story:

Moving from the greater Los Angeles, CA to Boulder, CO, it didn’t take long for me to begin spending most of my free time in the mountains; the fresh air, rushing rivers, and serene forests. I began to ‘see’ my world differently. Now, whenever I go out into nature I am totally amazed at the beauty that I see all around me that I was oblivious to before.

On the weekdays you’ll find me in a white lab coat at a biopharmaceutical company. As a biologist, I work to develop microRNA-targeting therapies to improve disease areas of high unmet medical need. However, like Clark Kent, I have a second identity. I am a self-proclaimed “weekend warrior”; hitting the trail with my boyfriend, camera, and a PB&J while immersing myself in the beautiful Colorado wilderness as soon as I clock out on Friday afternoon. At any given moment you’ll find me atop a mountain, by a lake, or in a hammock.

I strive to share my experiences with anyone and everyone, whether that is through my photos or inviting them along on my next adventure. My life goals are to maintain a life that I love; my career in biopharmaceutical research is making a difference in the lives of many while my spare time is spent with those that I love in the mountains.

My interests are nature, animals and science.

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