Emily Dawn

Emily is a jewelry and graphic designer who has discovered how to satisfy her creative pursuits…in a van traveling across the country!

Emily’s Story:

My dream has always been to pursue my creativity in nature. After living in the Bay Area for the past few years, I have finally set out on a missions to fulfill my hearts desire.

I’m a 27 year old graphic and jewelry designer, and I’m living my dream by moving into “Lucy in the Sky,” my custom built tiny home on wheels, with my two feline companions Penny Lane and Hey Jude.

My jewelry brand, “Future Dawn Designs,” has always been important to me and has granted me with the greatest sense of creative release since its genesis in the summer of 2015. But the cost of living and thriving in the Bay Area forced my to find other, less creative sources of income to supplement my lifestyle. I used to daydream of how I could become a full-time artist. Instagram and Pinterest showed me the way…#vanlife baby! I finally realized that I could indeed make designing and traveling –my two favorite activities in this universe–my all-the-time reality.

The idea of living and creating out of a van had intrigued me for quite some time now, but as with any big change, it had to come when I was truly ready for it. Now is that time, and I am so excited it’s finally here!

I’ll be traveling around the United States in search of beautiful landscapes and ahhh moments. Twenty years ago this would have been called a “road trip,” but fortunately with the connection we all have access to today, I can share my experience and lessons from the road through as many portals as imaginable.

I’m so stoked to be partnering with Polar Bottle! They are my first official sponsor, and I couldn’t be more grateful for their support in my journey. I love the versatility of the products and the ethics behind the Polar Bottle brand. I can’t wait to get out on the open road this summer and see where it takes me! I looked forward to having Polar Bottle along for the ride, and hope to make many connections with other brand ambassadors and outdoorsy humans alike.

Peaceful journeys. See you on the road!