Don Bici

Don works as a cycling guide in the beautiful Sicilian city of Balestrate. According to Don, a ride in excellent company is always an excellent ride.

Don fell in love with cycling when he watched the epic mountain stages in the Tour de France. So, when he needed to get back into shape after a severe accident, he bought a bike and started exploring the Sicilian mountains. His first bike was a mountain bike, but he soon switched to a road bike, which is his biggest love.

Don lives in the small coastal town of Balestrate, which is located on the north(west) side of the island, between the cities of Palermo and Trapani. He promotes cycling in this hilly and mountainous part of sunny Sicily and as a cycling guide he rides with people from all over the world (you don’t hear him complain).

Don loves the heat and won’t mind riding his bike in the middle of the day, as long as he has two Polar Bottle water bottles with him, because he wants his water to be ice cold! He prefers quiet roads and climbs with not much traffic and loves to share the beautiful views he has with the rest of the world.

Don is quite competitive but to him having fun is the most important part of the sport. So he enjoys both racing up climbs and going for relaxing rides in the Sicilian sun with his cycling buddy, because a ride in excellent company is always an excellent ride!

Don is a big animal lover and has adopted two German shepherds, Aron and Lara.  When he is not out on his bike or out with the dogs, he likes to play the guitar or watch movies with his girlfriend.