Cynthia Johnson

For backcountry skier Cynthia Johnson only one season really matters, which is why she spends her time traveling — skipping over spring fall and summer, to chase the snow across the globe.

Cynthia’s Story:

After graduating from University I moved to Wanaka, New Zealand to pursue my career as a professional skier.  Since then I have skied all over the world including the European Alps, Kashmir, India, Kyrgyzstan, the Andes, Japan, across the US, the Canadian Rockies and Alaska.  I have been balancing skiing competitively on the Freeride World Tour qualifying circuit and backcountry ski guiding.  In 2016, I ended up 11th overall, including a 3rd Place finish in Crested Butte, Colorado and a 5th Place finish in Penitenties, Argentina.  I began guiding for Paragon Guides in Edwards, Colorado working with the 10th Mountain Division Hut System and have been helicopter accessed guiding in New Zealand, India, Alaska and Chile as well as big mountain freeride coaching in the Japanese Alps.

I am passionate and driven to explore the mountain ranges of the world and to share the experience with others.  My goal is to inspire others through nature and adventure by making connections to communities around the globe, sharing products and ideas to better our environment and to ultimately spread the STOKE!

“I love my Polar Bottle because it allows me to fuel my adventures; from the airplane to the summit I depend on my Polar Bottle to carry water which in turn carries me to my goals.  With a reliable source for hydration I am able to push myself, explore un-touch terrain, test limits, and inspire others.  Polar Bottle is the vessel that I use to live a life that is unrestrained.”

Favorite Product