Chris Bombardier

Chris is an outdoor adventure enthusiast hoping to complete all of the Seven Summits, of which he has already completed six. Despite a struggle with hemophilia B, he is determined to remain active.

Chris’s story:

I am 31 years old and I am a Colorado native. Although I was born in a state with endless outdoor adventure I didn’t really find the outdoor adventure world until after college. I feel in the love with the mountains, especially mountaineering. I set my sights on the Seven Summits about nine years ago and just completed my sixth of the seven climbs with a successful summit of Mt. Everest on May 22, 2017. I now only have Mt. Vinson in Antarctica to go and will hopefully be heading there in December.

What has made my journey unique is that I live with severe hemophilia B, a rare genetic bleeding disorder that means my blood doesn’t clot properly. When people typically think of someone with hemophilia, they usually think of a fragile person that has to live in a bubble, but that’s not the life I wanted. I love being active and I decided that climbing was my passion and that I would figure out how to handle my condition. To treat my condition, I have to start an IV on myself and infuse a protein into my blood. This is pretty challenging in the cold weather I’ve experienced, especially on Everest and Denali–North America’s highest peak.

I have also dedicated my climbs to raising money and awareness for hemophilia, mainly focusing on hemophilia in the developing world, where it looks drastically different. Almost 70% of people with hemophilia in the developing world don’t live past the age of 10. I am hoping to bring more attention to this issue and to the nonprofit Save One Life that works in these countries.

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