Alec Shostek

  • Hometown: Sharon, Massachusetts

Alec Shostek has been doing flips since he was six.
But it wasn’t until he discovered parkour that his passion for acrobatics really took off.

Alec’s Story:

Since I could remember I’ve loved being in the air. At six, my parents signed me up for gymnastics and thus began my desire to do flips. I trained in gymnastics competitively for years, becoming increasingly better as time progressed, good enough that my coach believed I was going to make the olympics.

However, I grew tired of the strict regiment of traditional gymnastics and and took a break from flipping until about sophomore year of high school when my best friend showed me a video of these incredible Russian athletes jumping from building to building. He convinced me that we should try this foreign “activity” called parkour. From there, we looked up open gym times at a local gymnastics institution and as soon as I stepped into the gymnastics gym, I felt free. Unlike my gymnastics classes, there was no more routine. It was just training for fun. I began to train parkour and freerunning religiously and have since become a parkour instructor, a member of a world known team, and an extremely passionate athlete.

Alec in action: