Many Polar Bottle customers are well informed about the health benefits of drinking water throughout the day. But water is not the only healthy beverage you can drink. Iced or hot, tea is another calorie-free liquid that can provide you with an abundance of advantages to your well-being. With our Thermaluxe stainless steel water bottle, you can now keep your iced tea cold and your hot tea hot with the dual wall insulation capabilities. If you’re headed to work, bring your hot water flask along with you. If you’re headed to the pool, bring the same bottle–with ice. Never again will you have to drink unwanted lukewarm tea. If you are looking for a refreshing iced beverage or a piping hot cup, here are some of the health benefits of adding tea to your day.

Green tea:

This tea has been a part of the Chinese and Indian diet for ages, but recent developments of shown it could lower the chance of developing pancreatic and stomach cancers. The polyphenols found in the leaves help reduce tumor growth in the body. It can also lower people’s cholesterol, which leads to a lower risk of heart disease and stroke.

Are you looking for an easy way to raise your IQ? Green tea can actually make your smarter. The caffeine increases neurons that help with concentration, reaction time, and memory. Furthermore, the amino acid L-theanine increases dopamine levels and the creation of alpha waves in the brain.

24 hour hot water flask

Black tea:

Although it contains caffeine, it has a much lower quantity than coffee or other energy drinks, allowing for increased blood flow to the brain without elevating your heart rate.

According to, It has also been found to fight black and bacteria that cause tooth decay, and its antioxidant properties flush toxins out of the body that can cause DNA damage and other significant problems. Furthermore, some of these antioxidants cannot be found in fruits or vegetables, so it is a great addition to an already healthy diet.

24 hour hot water flask

White tea:

The media is filled with ads for anti-aging products, but a cup of inexpensive white tea may be all you need. It is abound with antioxidants that stall premature aging and improve aged or damaged skin.

24 hour hot water flask

Peppermint tea:

If you are looking for a solution to indigestion or anxiety, drink peppermint tea. For thousands of years people have been drinking both peppermint oil and tea to speed up the metabolism and calm stomach and intestinal pain. The anti-inflammatory properties that help your digestive track also lower blood pressure and body temperature to help you cool down and relax after a stressful day.

Are you feeling under the weather? This tea fights the bacteria that cause fevers, viruses, and colds. Even if you aren’t sick, you can still drink peppermint tea to promote your immune system because of the antioxidants, vitamin B, potassium, and calcium it contains.

24 hour hot water flask

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